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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Publication success for CRR’s newest member

Published: 20 April 2017
Dr Stratos Ramoglou

The Centre for Risk Research (CRR) is pleased to announce that Dr Stratos Ramoglou, an Associate Professor in Strategy and Innovation at Southampton Business School, has become the Centre’s latest member.

Dr Ramoglou’s research interests cover a broad range of disciplines that include entrepreneurship, risk and opportunities, philosophy of science, economic theory and critical management studies. In two of his recent papers that were published in Academy of Management Review (ABS 4**) (co-authored with EWK Tsang from the University of Texas at Dallas), Dr Ramoglou argues for a new conception of entrepreneurial opportunities in which they are neither discovered nor created but objectively existing propensities to be creatively actualized. This fresh perspective to a long-standing debate in the economics of entrepreneurship facilitates the reconceptualization of the uncertainties of enterprise, and helps make entrepreneurship research more consistent with the understandings of practicing entrepreneurs.

In response to joining the CRR, Dr Ramoglou said “I am delighted to join the CRR and look forward to participating in this vibrant intellectual community”. Dr Ramoglou is the 45th person to become a member of the CRR and he adds to the diverse capabilities of the CRR’s vibrant and multi-disciplinary team of academics. The CRR has developed an international reputation for excellence in the related fields of decision making, risk analysis, risk management and risk taking research.

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