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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Teaching Prize for Risk Course

Published: 15 June 2017
Professor Johnnie Johnson
Professor Johnnie Johnson

Professor Johnnie Johnson, Director of the Centre for Risk Research, was recently announced winner of the Southampton Student Union Award: ‘Most Engaging Lecturer’ for Faculty of Business, Law and Art. The award related to Johnnie’s teaching of the ‘Risk Taking and Decision Making’ module.


The Most Engaging Lecturer Award was created by the University of Southampton’s students in order to celebrate a lecturer who

  • Demonstrates the highest level of enthusiasm and passion for the course and teaching.
  • Offers intellectually challenging experiences for students that are both enthused and stimulated by.
  • Has the ability to maintain interest whilst teaching a difficult or complex topic.

On hearing of his award, Johnnie Johnson remarked: “Students are at the heart of everything we do in the Centre for Risk Research, in terms of both our research and education agenda. Consequently, receiving a teaching award from our students is a great honor and demonstrates that our students really appreciate all the extra effort we put into our teaching."

Some of the comments that led to Professor Johnson being awarded the prize, include:

 “an incredibly stimulating and enthusiastic lecturer. I have never seen a room of 200 students listen so attentively to every word."

“integrates interesting and enjoyable activities to help students better understand concepts and always relates these concepts to real world examples.”

“makes the subject beyond enjoyable.”                                             

 “the highest standard of teaching materials in the form of a printed and bound book of all the resources we require for the course, with additional pointers to resources that help further reading and independent learning.”

“a fantastic lecturer - the best I have had during my 4 years at the Southampton Business School."


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