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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Professor William Benter: How Decision Analytics Beat the Market Event

Professor William Benter
14:00 - 15:30
28 February 2013
University of Southampton, Building 2, Room 2077, annex Lecture Theatre J.

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Professor Johnnie Johnson on +44 (0)23 8059 2546 or email .

Event details

William Benter, the leader of the most successful betting syndicate of all time will be delivering a Centre for Risk Research seminar, "How Decision Analytics Beat the Market".

This seminar offers a rare opportunity to gain insights from someone who has very successfully applied decision analytics in a highly competitive financial market. He will explain how he has successfully modelled and bet on sports events, making several hundred million US dollars.

Reputed to be the most successful bettor of all time, William Benter will describe how he spotted an inefficiency in an important financial market - the horserace betting market in Hong Kong. He will describe how he developed a highly successful computer-based horse race model and wagering system which has won many hundreds of millions of US dollars. He will provide insights into his theoretical contribution to model building, the data requirements of such a model, and the technical and subjective difficulties that the application of such an approach to investment can produce. In addition, he will share his two decades of experience of practical implementation and management of a professional wagering operation.

William is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and Visiting Professor in the School of Management at the University. He has presented papers at a number of international conferences, as well as delivering lectures at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Stanford University, Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, City University of Hong Kong, University of Southampton, and University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Bill is a regular visitor to the School of Management, providing advice and guidance on research issues, and and supporting PhD students in the School of Management. In addition, he currently sponsors Research Fellows exploring speculative market behaviour within the School.

Speaker information

Professor William Benter,University of Southampton

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