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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Risk, Insurance and Future Research: Perspectives from a Chief Risk Officer Event

Alastair Allison
13:00 - 14:00
23 November 2016
Room 1085 Building 2 Highfield Campus University of Southampton

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Dr Ian G.J. Dawson on 02380 598094 or email .

Event details

In this Centre for Risk Research seminar, Alastair Allison, Chief Risk Officer at Zurich Insurance Plc. (UK), will briefly outline how his career has been shaped by his MSc in Corporate Risk and Security Management from University of Southampton. He will then discuss topics that he considers to be in much need of academic research, such as risk culture and risk maturity, and robotics and AI in a data rich world. Alastair believes some fresh thinking is needed in these areas and has found that these topics are often alien to boards of traditional companies, making it hard to engage them in the importance of these issues. Alastair will pose the question “How could you help the insurance industry shape its future?” and he has invited you along to his seminar to find out.

Speaker information

Alastair Allison,Zurich Insurance Plc,Alastair Allison is Chief Risk Officer at Zurich Insurance Plc (UK). He has had a varied career in retail, Armed Forces, risk consulting, information security and now in the insurance industry. He has operated across Europe, America and the Middle East and has seen many ways of doing risk management as well as diverse attitudes, including the outright hostile to the apathetic.

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