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Conference papers

Disseminating Our Research Globally

Conference Papers
Conference Papers

Two of the key aims of the Centre are to encourage a deeper appreciation of the nature of risk and to develop approaches to its identification, analysis and management. To help achieve these objectives members of the Centre collaborate with researchers in institutions worldwide and disseminate their work at international conferences. The Centre also actively promotes and hosts conferences and seminars which address risk related issues.


A selection of our conference papers are listed below:


Selected Conference Papers from 2019

Abubakre, A., Baden, D., & Harwood, I. (2019). Exploring power imbalance and stakeholder social responsibility within the Nigerian oil and gas industry. In BAM2019 Conference British Academy of Management.

Almeile, A. M., Chipulu, M., & Vahidi, R. (2019). Identifying challenges facing PPP construction projects, particularly in developing countries: A systematic review of the literature, 1997-2017. Paper presented at EURAM 2019, Lisbon, Portugal.

Baruch, Y., & Klein, J. (2019). How do higher education systems of developing countries respond to the Push for Implementing Reforms and Innovation? The case of Bulgaria. Paper presented at The British Academy of Management 2019, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Dawson, I., & Katsikopoulos, K. (2019). The influence of message repetition on the willingness to help individuals at risk. Abstract from The 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis - Europe, Potsdam, Germany.

Loh, T. Y., Brito, M., Bose, N., Xu, J., & Tenekedjiev, K. (2019). Policy recommendations for autonomous underwater vehicle operations through hybrid Fuzzy System Dynamics Risk Analysis (FusDRA). In B. Svilicic, Y. Mori, & S. Matsuzaki (Eds.), International Association of Maritime Universities Conference (IAMUC) (pp. 143-149).


Selected Conference Papers from 2018

Dawson, I. (2018). Risk creation, self-attribution of responsibility and risk behaviours. Abstract from The 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis Europe, Ostersund, Sweden.

Mues, C., Calabrese, R., & So, M. (2018). Predicting credit card debt recovery rates: an empirical study using generalised additive models. In 29th European Conference on Operational Research

Perez-Diaz, A., Gerding, E., & McGroarty, F. (2018). Coordination of electric vehicle aggregators: a coalitional approach. In 17th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, AAMAS 2018 (Vol. 1, pp. 676-684). International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (IFAAMAS).

Perez-Diaz, A., Gerding, E., & McGroarty, F. (2018). Decentralised coordination of electric vehicle aggregators. Paper presented at International Workshop on Optimization in Multiagent Systems, Stockholm, Sweden.

Vahidi, R., & Chipulu, M. (2018). Examining the dependence upon context of the relationship between critical success factors and project performance. Paper presented at EURAM 2018, Reykjavik, Iceland.


Selected Conference Papers from 2017

Brito, M. (2017). Towards building a safety case for Marine Unmanned Surface Vehicles: a Bayesian perspective. In European Safety and Reliability Conference (pp. 1-17). CRC Press / Balkema.

Dawson, I., & Dohle, S. (2017). Synergistic risk and decision making: A study of whether knowledge of harmful drug-drug interactions affects drug dosing behaviours. Paper presented at 26th Annual Conference/Meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis – Europe (SRA-E), Lisbon, Portugal.

Johnson, J., Sung, M-C., Ma, T., Moreno Paredes, J. C., & Tai, C-C. (2017). The impact of mobile apps on trading behaviour in financial markets. In Sixteenth Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences.

Khoja, L., Chipulu, M., Jayasekera, R., & Vigne, S. (2017). Compare and contrast: contextualising corporate insolvency in the GCC using the UK and the USA as comparators. Paper presented at 15th INFINITI Conference on International Finance, Valencia, Spain.

Ma, T., Moreno Paredes, J. C., Sung, M-C., & Johnson, J. (2017). Do Smartphone Apps Enhance Smart Trading Decisions? Paper presented at 7th Annual SKBI Conference 2017, Singapore, Singapore.


Selected Conference Papers from 2016

Dawson, I.G.J. (2016) Portraits of a future world: an empirical assessment of how different narrative, photographic and graphical representations of global population growth might influence perceived risk. 25th Society for Risk Analysis – Europe – Conference, University of Bath, Bath, UK. 20 - 22 Jun 2016.

Hudson, R. and Urquhart, A. (2016) The inefficiency of war: evidence from the US and UK during WWII. Economic History Society (EHS) Conference , Cambridge, UK. 1-3 April 2016.

Lawrence, W., Sung, M., Ma, T., Johnson, J.E.V. and Tiropanis, T. (2016). The role of mobile app use in the decision making behavior of spread traders. International Conference on Advanced Computing, Communication and Information Sciences (ICACCI), Cebu City, Philippines. 27-29 May 2016.

Restocchi, V., Mcgroarty, F., Gerding, E. and Johnson, J.E.V. (2016) The impact of transaction costs in sports betting markets. Social Simulation Conference SSC2016, Rome, Italy. 19-23 Sep 2016.

Sung, M., Johnson, J.E.V., McDonald, D. and Vaughan Williams, L. (2016) New insights into the prevalence of herding and its effects on financial market efficiency. Asia Pacific Conference on Economics and Finance (APEF), Republic of Singapore 27 - 28 Jul, 2016.


Selected Conference Papers from 2015

Dawson, I.G.J. and Johnson, J.E.V. (2015) The more the merrier? Towards an understanding of public risk perceptions of global population growth. The 24th SRA-Europe Conference: Science, Policy and Society: Bridging the Gap Between Risk and Science, Maastricht, NL. June 2015.

Marshall, A., Ojiako, U. and Chipulu, M. (2015) Carpe diem risk culture. British Academy of Management Conference, 2015.

Moreno Paredes, J.C., Sung, M., Ma, T. and Johnson, J.E.V. (2015) The influence of smart phone apps on individuals’ decision making processes: a case study of spread trading investors. 18th Annual American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences Conference, Las Vegas, US. 9-10 Feb 2015.

So, M.C., Thomas, L.C. and Huang, B. (2015) Modelling the lending decision with limited capital. Credit Scoring and Credit Control XIV, University of EdinburghEdinburgh, UK. 26-28 Aug 2015.

Sung, M., Johnson, J.E.V., Wang, S. and Tai, C. (2015) The influence of weather on trader's decisions in a financial market. In SIBR-RDINRRU 2015 Conference Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research, Osaka, Japan, 2 - 3 Jul 2015.


Selected Conference Papers from 2014

Dawson, I.G.J, Johnson, J.E.V. and Luke, M. A. (2014) A recipe for disaster? How risk factor quantity can influence risk judgments. In, The 23rd Society for risk Analysis - Europe (SRA-E) Conference, Istanbul, TR, 16 - 18 Jun 2014.

Degl'Innocenti, M., Wolfe, S. (2014) How do branch network organizations and local market structures affect bank performance? 2014 FEBS Conference, Surrey.

Degl'Innocenti, M. Urquhart, A. & Wolfe, S. (2014) Market reaction to State Aid and Distressed Mergers during the Financial Crisis, IFABS 2014 Conference, Lisbon.

Johnson, J.E.V., Sung, M. and O'Brien, R. (2014) Reactions to dynamically changing information in betting markets. In, CEAR International Workshop on the Economics of Gambling, South Africa.

Sung, M., Johnson, J.E.V. and Lessmann, S. (2014) The value of combining forecasts for profitable trading in the HK horserace betting market. In, CEAR International Workshop on the Economics of Gambling, Cape Town, South Africa.

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The Centre for Risk Research is proud to announce that it will act as an Associate Sponsor for the upcoming 'International Conference on Gaming, Leisure and Entertainment 2014' in Macau.

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