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Discussion documents

The stature of risk management has grown greatly over recent years. To support its further growth, academics at the Centre for Risk Research (CRR) reflect critically upon its philosophical foundations and its practical techniques. In doing so, we seek to develop new ideas and approaches capable of inspiring thought leadership within the profession. The CRR has now started the processes of recording these ideas and approaches in discussion documents that will be made publicly available on this website.

The first discussion document to be hosted here is ‘Why Risk Cultures Need Prudence’ by Dr Alasdair Marshall. This is written to be more accessible and engaging than a typical academic article, yet it also requests more of the reader’s extended attention than many ‘reports’, ‘think pieces’ or ‘notes’ written by academics. Its main purpose is to ask risk professionals to consider the merits of promoting the virtue of prudence within organisations, in order to create both a healthy risk culture and a more ethical culture. More fully, the document contributes to contemporary risk culture debate by suggesting that the risk profession might be better off by wholly jettisoning the concept of ‘culture’ and focussing solely on promoting prudence instead.

The second document is also by Dr Marshall, this time entitled ‘Risk Intelligence: a Centre for Risk Research discussion document’. Featuring contributions from risk management and competitive intelligence professional associations, the document explores the interface between these professions. It looks in particular at how risk management might learn from competitive intelligence practice. ‘Risk intelligence’ and the ‘risk radar’ are considered as two key concepts which perhaps deserve to be used more within risk management terminology to allow this to happen

The discussion documents can be downloaded using the link provided below:

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We hope that our discussion documents will continue to grow in number, and that they will stimulate lively debate within the risk profession. We also welcome your feedback (please email each document’s author separately or contact the Centre Director, Professor Johnnie Johnson:

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