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Building a state-of-the-art Big Data supported financial services platform

In 2015, a team from the Centre for Risk Research (CRR) were part of a consortium to receive £400,000 from the Shenzhen government in China and Audaque Ltd, one of the world’s most innovative data management companies, for a project to build a big data-supported financial services platform.

The project will involve layering academic, technical and industrial expertise to develop a sophisticated system that can process massive quantities of financial data from banks, securities institutions, small-loan companies, peer-to-peer (P2P) and people-to-business (P2B) internet finance companies to support decisions made by financial institutions.

Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen, China

The CRR team will build a sophisticated data platform that will bring together data management and financial assessment of individuals’ risk in real time. The project aims to overcome the current problems with big data analysis – misinterpretation, modelling and speed –to build a platform that enables the accurate financial assessment of individual behaviours in real time. The team are confident that the CRR's longstanding partnership with top financial firms in London will help ensure its functionality.

The principal investigator on the project is Dr. Tiejun Ma and the co-investigators are Professor Vanessa Sung and Professor Johnnie Johnson.

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