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Contract for difference trader risk

Modelling and prediction of spread-trader and contract for difference trader risk (SKTP1000767)

In June 2012 we were awarded £59,450 from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and Star Financial Systems Ltd. (SFS, provider of technologically advanced web and mobile trading and full back-office software systems to financial investment firms providing retail online ‘contracts for difference', and spread-trading products) to develop the foundations of a new product for evaluating the performance of financial market traders.

Funding partner: TSB
Funding partner: TSB

To facilitate this development the project developed a set of performance metrics for evaluating an individual's trading performance. SFS believes that this will provide them with an important competitive edge.

In addition, the risk management procedures developed during the project are being employed in further projects to enhance the company's IT products.

The principle investigator for the project is Professor Ming-Chien (Vanessa) Sung, and the co-investigators are Professor Johnnie Johnson, Dr Tiejun Ma and Dr Stefan Lessmann.

The Funding Organisation, Technology Strategy Board (TSB), has completed its review of the above Partnership and provided the following feedback:

"This was an excellent first time collaboration with a knowledge base institution for the company, leading, as it has, to increased turnover, exports and profits, and to a follow-on classic KTP. It also has been exceptional for the university in terms of its immediate impact on teaching, studentships, papers and research opportunities. Clearly, a very strong relationship has been forged between the partners. Good luck with the classic KTP."

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