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State-of-the-art trading dashboard

Developing a state-of-the art trading dashboard (KTP009163).

In July 2013 we were awarded £304,900 from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Technology Strategy Board (TSB), and Star Financial Systems Ltd. for a 3-year project (SFS, provider of technologically advanced web and mobile trading and full back-office software systems to financial investment firms providing retail online ‘contracts for difference', and spread-trading products).

This is an extension of a very successful small Knowledge Transfer Partnership (SKTP1000767).


The aim of the new project is to provide SFS with the knowledge/capability they need to become the prime mover in the industry in introducing an on-screen cognitively-intuitive trading platform, and presenting integrated strategic information accurately, in real-time, optimising the distribution of trading workload efficiently between the traders and computer systems.

The Centre for Risk Research's expertise in risk perception, analysis and real-time risk forecasting will be employed in the project to improve the way risk-managers acquire and interpret information.

The project will facilitate agile, optimal decisions which dramatically reduce decision bias; thus, improving efficiency, even under time/information-pressure. The project will enable SFS to demonstrate to their existing and potential clients the revolutionary nature of SFS's cutting-edge technology, attracting clients by the unique real-time cognition features embedded in their trading systems.

It is expected that the project will transform SFS's competitiveness, providing a unique international marketing advantage.

The principle investigator for the project is Professor Ming-Chien (Vanessa) Sung, the co-investigators are Professor Johnnie Johnson, Dr Tiejun Ma and Dr Stefan Lessmann, and the Research Fellow is Dr. Peter Fraser-McKenzie.

The Funding Organisation, Technology Strategy Board, has completed its review of the previous small Knowledge Transfer Partnership (SKTP1000767) with SFS and provided the following feedback:

"This was an excellent first time collaboration with a knowledge base institution for the company, leading, as it has, to increased turnover, exports and profits, and to a follow-on classic KTP. It also has been exceptional for the university in terms of its immediate impact on teaching, studentships, papers and research opportunities. Clearly, a very strong relationship has been forged between the partners. Good luck with the classic KTP."

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