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Wisdom of the crowd

Modelling the wisdom of the crowd

In September 2013 we were awarded £53,659 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and WBX - an operator of a leading prediction market (an exchange for trading in the world's major sporting, political, and entertainment events) for a 1-year project.

Funding partner
Funding partner

This project is an extension of a successful EPSRC Doctoral Prize, whose outputs attracted the WBX's interest.

The research will involve the development of innovative discrete choice models and real-time Big Data analysis which will enable WBX to transform its existing and future digital data (containing details of several million trades) into commercial knowledge and sources of future profit. It is expected that the project will enhance WBX's competitiveness and be an important factor in promoting the firm's further growth.

The principle investigator for the project is Professor Ming-Chien (Vanessa) Sung, the co-investigators are Professor Johnnie Johnson, and Dr Tiejun Ma, and the Research Fellow is Dr David McDonald.

Funding partner
Funding partner
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