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SHTAC is a partner in the FAIR consortium investigating flagellin as an adjunct therapeutic to enhance antibiotic treatment for pneumonia

Published: 27 November 2020
Man wearing oxygen mask
Inflammation of the lungs makes it difficult to breathe

SHTAC is reviewing the effectiveness of current treatment options for bacterial pneumonia. This work will inform development of a model to evaluate the potential cost-effectiveness of using flagellin to enhance antibiotic treatment of pneumonia.

Pneumonia is an inflammation of one or both lungs which is usually caused by a bacterial infection.  The inflammation of the lungs makes it difficult to breathe. People of any age can be affected by pneumonia but it is more common, and can be more serious, in children and the elderly.  Pneumonia is the third leading cause of death worldwide.

Pneumonia caused by bacteria is usually treated with antibiotics.  But, if the bacteria causing the pneumonia are resistant to the antibiotics, treatment may not be successful.  Therefore, it is important to find ways to improve the treatment of antibiotic-resistant pneumonia.

FAIR is an international and interdisciplinary research project funded through the European Union Horizon2020 programme that is investigating flagellin to enhance the effectiveness of first-line antibiotic treatment of pneumonia. As part of this collaborative research effort, SHTAC will evaluate the potential cost-effectiveness of flagellin.  SHTAC’s first task is to review the effectiveness of current treatment options for bacterial pneumonia.  This evidence will be used, together with other data in an economic model, to estimate the cost-effectiveness of current treatments for bacterial pneumonia in two European countries (France and the Netherlands).  As results from research partners on the effectiveness of flagellin become available, the economic model will be used to explore the economic and commercial viability of further research and development of flagellin as an addition to existing first-line antibiotic treatment of pneumonia. 

For more information on SHTAC’s research into respiratory diseases please visit our Research page

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