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CONFIRM trial results - Health economists from SHTAC will assess the cost-effectiveness of the treatment

Published: 8 February 2021
Cancer cells
Mesothelioma is linking with breathing in asbestos fibres

Early results from the CONFIRM trial have been presented at the World Conference on Lung Cancer. It’s the first study to show an improvement in survival for patients with mesothelioma that has come back after chemotherapy.

Researchers at the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit have made a major breakthrough that could help patients with mesothelioma survive for longer.

People diagnosed with the aggressive form of cancer, linked to breathing in asbestos fibres, could have more time with their loved ones when prescribed an immunotherapy drug currently used to treat several other types of cancer, new research has found.

The Checkpoint Blockade for Inhibition of Relapsed Mesothelioma (CONFIRM) trial was led by Professor Gareth Griffiths at the CRUK Southampton Clinical Trials Unit, based at the University of Southampton’s Centre for Cancer Immunology, and Professor Dean Fennell at the University of Leicester.  Funded by Cancer Research UK's Stand Up To Cancer campaign, the trial found that an immunotherapy called nivolumab increased survival and made the disease more stable for patients who relapsed following standard treatment.

Health economists from Southampton HTA Centre, led by Professor Joanne Lord, will now begin to assess the cost-effectiveness of the treatment for NHS funding.

Link to Southampton CTU news item

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