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Climate & Environment

The Oceans are a vital resource for life on Earth. They cover 2/3rds of our planet and are home to an estimated 80% of the earth's species. They are inextricably linked to global climate and weather systems. Coral reefs help prevent coastal erosion and floods across much of the tropics and subtropics. Humans have long adapted to our changing oceans. In the modern word, ships and offshore structures must withstand extreme environmental conditions, which are changing with climate. Through the 21st century, we can anticipate ever more challenging changes in and around our marine environment. Exploring human responses to past changes, in the face of ongoing and future challenges, we are engaged in a wide range of interdisciplinary studies.

Climate change
Climate change

Our expertise covers the basic sciences explaining the behaviour of the environment and the search for resources from it, and developing the the state of art technologies for managing and extracting the resources, to the legal instruments defining the use of the maritime and ocean space. Research areas include:

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