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Our research is structured around four key challenge themes that reflect the interdisciplinary strengths across the University.

Trade & Transport

Trade & Transport

Trade and transport is transforming the safety of ships, the goods they transport, and for crew and passengers too. 

Heritage management

Society & Government

Society & Government focuses on understanding and preserving cultural heritage, and homes and communities around coastlines.

Technology for managing resources

Energy & Resources

Energy & Resources is developing ways to utilise the ocean to provide us with new forms of energy, mineral resources, food and even medicine.

Climate change

Climate & Environment

Climate & Environment explores the oceans and how our environment is influenced by climate and by man's activities in the oceans.

Since our inception in 2012 SMMI’s experts have conducted many hundreds of projects. Below are some of the highlights that illustrate the breadth and depth of our work. If you would like to find out more about our projects please contact us here.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage

A vital technology for the battle against climate change our experts are working on methods to transform carbon dioxide into solid, inert and environmentally benign carbonate materials like chalk.

The Portus Project

The Portus Project

Portus (Fiumicino) was the maritime port of ancient Rome and, together with the neighbouring river port at Ostia, was the focus of a network of ports serving Imperial Rome between the mid-1st century AD and the 6th century AD. The project tells us about the past which helps us to think about the future.

Mission MoHole

Mission MoHole: A Journey into the Earth’s Mantle

The Geochemistry Group is playing a prominent role in a new Mohole drilling project in the deep ocean seabed. Prof. Damon Teagle is a lead proponent along with some of the world's foremost Earth Scientists who have submitted a proposal to drill, for the first time, a hole into oceanic crust that extends into the Earth's Mantle.

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