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Dr Mario Brito 

Lecturer in Risk Analysis and Risk Management

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Dr Mario Brito is Lecturer in Risk Analysis and Risk Management. His area of expertise is in risk analysis of extreme events where there is large uncertainty with respect to a critical event and historical hard data alone is not sufficient to reduce the uncertainty to acceptable levels.

The methods he helped develop over the years have been applied for supporting decision making in critical infrastructure or technology operations. One example is the deployment of autonomous underwater vehicles in extreme environments such as under fast ice or ice shelf. He conducted the risk analysis for Autosub3 deployment under the Pine Island Glacier (in 2009 and 2014), sponsored by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), and the deployment of ISE Explorer in the Arctic ice (in 2010 and 2011), sponsored by the Natural Resources Canada. In both cases the AUVs carried out record breaking transects under ice shelf and sea ice respectively. In 2009, Autosub3 travelled a total of 500 km under ice shelf whilst in 2010 ISE explorer travelled a total of 18000 km under sea ice.

Dr Brito has also helped prepare safety case for the deployment complex technology to help teams to mitigate the risk of Blowout, harm to individuals or interruption in operations.

Over the years he has lead the investigation of several accidents and incidents, some of these involving international stakeholders.

Dr Brito is the leading author of high impact journal articles in ocean engineering, risk and reliability and science. He has acted as a reviewer for high impact journals, including the Journal of Risk analysis, Ocean Engineering and Sensors. He was member of the technical panel for international conferences such as PSAM10, AUV2012 and UUVS 2012. Dr. Brito is currently a member of the specialist panel on AUVs of the Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resources (ECOR). He has acted as external PhD examiner for the Liverpool John Moores University and external advisor for the MSc programme in Risk and Safety Management ran by RiskTec. Dr. Brito has also acted as independent reviewer of international large scale projects on autonomous systems development.

Whilst working for NERC, Dr. Brito was project and programme manager for some high profile projects. Dr. Brito was project manager for the Marine Autonomous Systems in Support of Marine Observations (MASSMO), which had a capital budget of approximately £800K and programme manager for the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) on Adaptive Autonomous Ocean Sampling Networks (£1.45M). In addition, Dr. Brito was the NERC Principle Investigator for the Horizon 2020 project BRIDGES (Euro 1.8M).

Currently, Dr Brito is the PI for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project with ASV Ltd (£161K).

Dr. Brito is currently Co-Chair of the European Safety and Reliability Association Committee on Marine and Offshore Technology and Deputy Chair of the Underwater Technology Special Panel on Underwater Robotics and a member of the NERC Expert Scientific Moorings Assessment Group (NESMAG)

Research interests


I am interested to supervise PhDs in many topics. Some suggestions of potential topics are below:

  • Risk and Reliability of Autonomous Systems
  • Infrastructure Risk
  • Offshore Technology Risk
  • Space Technology Risk
  • Transportation Risk
  • Process Modelling
  • Software Risk and Reliability
  • Society and Environmental Risks
  • Decision Theory for Critical Systems
  • Optimization for Complex Systems

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Book Chapters



Working Paper

  • Marshall, A., Johnson, J. (Ed.), Sung, V. (Ed.), Ashleigh, M. (Ed.), Baden, D. (Ed.), Brito, M. (Ed.), & Dawson, I. (Ed.) (2016). Why risk cultures need prudence. (A Centre for Risk Research Discussion Document). Southampton, GB: University of Southampton.


MANG1019 Foundations of Business Analytics

MANG3032 Optimisation

MANG3032 Risk Management

UOSM2011 Management of Risk and Uncertainty

MANG6003 Quantitative Methods


Wednesdays 13.30-16.00

Dr Mario Brito
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute University of Southampton Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus Southampton SO16 7QF

Room Number: 2/3067

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