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The University of Southampton
Sociology, Social Policy and CriminologyPart of Economic, Social and Political Science

What our students think

Photo of Olivia Burke

Staff members were always extremely helpful and approachable which helped build my confidence in my academic ability.

Olivia Burke - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Anthropology)
Photo of Kerri Cairns

It was possible to pick from a range of option modules from Criminology, Anthropology, Politics and Social Work, which allowed me to gain an insight into other areas, not just straight Sociology.

Kerri Cairns - BSc Sociology
Photo of James Drake

The teaching is of a very high standard. It's hard not to share the great passion that the lecturers clearly have for the subject.

James Drake - BSc Sociology
Photo of Vicky Field

Everyone here is extremely helpful. All the staff offer extra assistance if it's wanted.

Vicky Field - BSc Sociology
Photo of Mandy Fong

The University was very helpful with my halls of residence accommodation and this showed me how much they care for international students who are studying a long way from home.

Mandy Fong - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Anthropology)
Photo of Sophie Forster

I think one of the big advantages of coming to Southampton is that students are given so much support with their studies.

Sophie Forster - BSc Sociology,
Photo of Carina Gomes

The course challenged me with a wide variety of cross-cultural programmes and allowed me to develop my skills.

Carina Gomes - BSc Anthropology,
Photo of Charlotte Gould

I’ve met a lot of new people from all different backgrounds and cultures that I never thought I would have the opportunity to meet, which has been really great.

Charlotte Gould - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Criminology with Psychological Studies)
Photo of Nick Hayles

I am certain that my time of Southampton has developed me into the well rounded character I am today!

Nick Hayles - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Anthropology),
Photo of Jon Howe

From studying at Southampton, I have learnt so much in regards to my course subjects and work skill.

Jon Howe - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Anthropology)
Photo of Laura Hyrjak

My experiences of working on a multi-disciplinary course gave me a great advantage when applying, and I have since managed to secure funding for the doctoral programme. I am looking forward to furthering my studies at Southampton and after this I hope to continue in the academic field.

Laura Hyrjak - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Criminology with Psychological Studies)
Photo of Maryam Kassim Alriyamy

The University has a diverse student body, which means that it's an excellent opportunity to interact and network with people from all over the world.

Maryam Kassim Alriyamy - MSc Sociology and Social Policy, PhD in Sociology and Social Policy,
Photo of Tom Lawrence

The variety of different modules to choose from ensured that I studied a diverse range of topics.

Tom Lawrence - BSc Sociology
Photo of Samantha Lindars

Taking a couple of modules outside the course allowed me to successfully pursue a teaching career. I will be beginning a primary PGCE in September.

Samantha Lindars - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Criminology with Psychological Studies)
Photo of Joanna Malone

Studying here has given me a boost in confidence and has made me feel able to voice my opinions amongst my peers, as well as lecturers.

Joanna Malone - BSc Applied Social Sciences
Photo of Kenny McCarthy

Studying at Southampton pushed me out of my comfort zone and it did push me to achieve a first class honours, something I thought was impossible after my first year.

Kenny McCarthy - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Anthropology)
Photo of Joseph McEvoy

Sociology is something that needs to be taught at an earlier age - it opens up the mind to other subjects. My interest stemmed from A level and I have never looked back.

Joseph McEvoy - BSc Sociology 2013
Photo of Rebecca Nash

The campus itself is lovely and I felt that the University had a positive feel to it.

Rebecca Nash - BSc Sociology
Photo of Tiffany Raycraft

The resources are fantastic with books from the library easily accessible and quick computer access from anywhere on campus.

Tiffany Raycraft - BSc Sociology
Photo of Libby Roper

Southampton stood out for me, as the course not only seemed to touch on all the areas that had first sparked my interest in Anthropology, but also provided the opportunity to learn about other areas, such as Criminology and Sociology.

Libby Roper - BSc Anthropology,
Photo of Francesca Selly

My degree and dissertation (on prolific offenders) helped me considerably; without that experience I doubt I would have achieved my job in a probation trust

Francesca Selly - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Criminology with Psychological Studies)
Photo of Holli Shelley-Fraser

The University of Southampton offered the combination of Criminology with Psychology, which many other universities did not.

Holli Shelley-Fraser - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Criminology and Psychological Studies)
Photo of Elizabeth Springer

I liked the security of knowing that the University of Southampton was a Russell Group university and had a good reputation.

Elizabeth Springer - BSc Applied Social Sciences (General Pathway)
Photo of Amy Tobitt

I found that the University of Southampton had the friendliest atmosphere and the most exciting course syllabus.

Amy Tobitt - BSc Applied Social Sciences (Criminology)
Photo of Jennifer Warren

I absolutely loved undertaking the dissertation project in final year; I researched agricultural crime and spent time driving around the countryside interviewing farmers about their experiences of crime.

Jennifer Warren - BSc Criminology
Photo of Bethany White

What is brilliant about the Anthropology programme is how your learning is personalised around your interests. From the first year you are encouraged to participate in flexible learning modules through the Curriculum Innovation scheme.

Bethany White - BSc Anthropology
Photo of Matt White

The facilities and staff at Southampton were superb. I was able to control which areas of Sociology I really wanted to learn about through a wide choice of different modules.

Matt White - BSc Sociology

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