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The University of Southampton
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Lauren Martin BSC Criminology

Lauren Martin's Photo

Hi, I'm Lauren Martin and I am studying BSC Criminology.

I have been fortunate to make so many new friends from different clubs and from my course as well. Each day I am finding myself becoming that little bit more confident and it is an amazing feeling to have.

Why did you choose to study at Southampton? What attracted you to the University of Southampton?

I chose to study at the university of Southampton because of its reputation for being one of the top 15 UK universities. I also fell in love with the location. Southampton has a lot on offer from nightlife to shopping etc so you’d never find yourself struggling for things to do.

What is it like studying here?

I am thoroughly enjoying my time studying at the University of Southampton. There are so many inspiring lecturers who are there to support and educate you in your field of study. The atmosphere especially around the campus is always friendly and theres a real sense of community within the University. There are so many opportunities available, from sports teams to a variety of different clubs, and the best part is there is something for everyone.

How do you rate the study facilities at the University?

There are a variety of different facilities around the University which you are able to utilise in order to get the most out of your University experience. The library has been my personal favourite as there is something for every study occasion. You have the quiet areas, the group work level and it has been made easy to find which books you are looking for by looking at the guides on the sides of each row of books! This saves so much time! There is also webcat, the online library where if you can’t necessarily find the book you were looking for in the library it may be found online instead.

What are you most proud of from your time at Southampton so far?

I am most proud of the way I have managed to settle into the University and university life. I have been fortunate to make so many new friends from different clubs and from my course as well. Each day I am finding myself becoming that little bit more confident and it is an amazing feeling to have.

What do you think you have gained from your studies that you wouldn’t have developed without them?

I feel as though I have gained a lot more confidence, which I will be able to utilise after i have graduated from my degree programme. There are a lot of opportunities out there which feel as though I have enough life skills (learned through being at university) to be able to show during an interview process. I feel I have have gained knowledge and understanding of the sector I want to work in, and I now know which sector of work I would like to go into after graduation, this was something that I wasn’t completely sure of before coming to study here.

How have the people you have met at Southampton changed your life?

The friends I have made through university are friends that I want to keep for life. Living in a different city can be difficult at first but by finding the right group of friends and surrounding yourself with supportive people you find yourself becoming a lot more confident within yourself. There are so many inspiring lecturers who are here to support and guide you through your studies and they want you to succeed, they inspire you.

Have you undertaken any extracurricular activities? How have they enhanced your experience?

Within the first couple of weeks of my first year at the University I joined the rowing club. I have always wanted to try out something new so I thought university would be the best place to try it out. So i went along to the taster sessions and loved them! I have been rowing ever since. Having an extracurricular activity alongside your studies for me has been so important. The stress of course work can get intense at times and you need something which is going to 1. Take your mind off of it and 2. Enable you to distress and focus on something else, whilst seeing your friends at the same time.

What will you do with your degree/research after you have finished your studies?

After I have finished my studies I would like to work in the police force to begin with until I have gained enough experience to then move onto becoming a criminal investigator.

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