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Archaeology student specification

In the information below each of our admissions tutors has made some observations on the skills and qualities they see as important when they consider an application for BA or BSc Archaeology.

Intellectual breadth and potential
We look for students who have the potential to develop their interests in a range of disciplines. Archaeology is a varied cross-disciplinary area of study involving elements of both sciences and humanities. You will be best suited to our degree programme if you have a broad-based and open-minded approach, an inquiring mind, and the potential to think for yourself rather than simply learn and repeat the opinions of others.

Academic and practical commitment
You will need to have an active willingness to extend your knowledge and to acquire the theoretical and practical skills necessary to investigate the past from its material remains. Part of your degree will involve studying primary materials through the analysis of objects and landscapes and participation in fieldwork projects. You will gain most from this aspect of archaeology if you are prepared to engage with primary material.

Grounding in key skills
To succeed in your studies, you should have some grounding in certain key skills, which you will develop further during the course. These include personal study skills such as organising your time effectively and meeting deadlines, the potential to work in a team in both fieldwork and classroom situations and a reasonable level of numeracy including the ability to understand and analyse information with charts and graphs.

Written communication skills
Writing about and analysing the material remains of the past requires a good standard of written English. You will develop these skills during your studies, so that you are able to express your opinions and communicate your ideas and findings clearly and concisely.

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