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Centre for Research on Work and Organisations

Research into organisational behaviour and human resource is organised and coordinated through the Centre for Research on Work and Organisations. It provides a hub for research-active staff in the area to work within a closer collaborative research agenda.

The Centre’s research reflects its interdisciplinary approach to people and organisations, focusing on a broad range of organisational behaviour and human resource management issues, such as leadership, diversity, teams, collaborative learning, workplace and organisational learning, performance management, corporate social responsibility and other governance related transformations. The Centre Staff also investigate the impact that individuals, groups, and structures have on behaviour within the organisation.

The Centre’s members are from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and research interests: General organisational behaviour (Yehuda Baruch, Fabian Homberg, Mina Beigi), Leadership (Malcolm Higgs, Alessia D’Amato, Mina Beigi, Nuno Da Camara), HR (Fabian Homberg, Nuno Da Camara, Yehuda Baruch, Bernard Bempong, Taposh Roy), Economics (Guy Vernon, Tahir Nisar, Michail Veliziotis), Psychology (Melanie Ashleigh, Malcolm Higgs, Alessia D’Amato), Corporate Social Responsibility (Denise Baden), and Governance (Michail Veliziotis, Melanie Ashleigh, Guy Vernon, Denise Baden, Tahir Nisar).


The Group has three main functions:

  • to stimulate research among group members, both as individual researchers and as a group - for example, several researchers are working on issues relating to trust in organisations, between individuals, between groups and in the organisation itself
  • to provide means of support in ensuring we maintain awareness of the latest management theoretical and empirical research by regular seminars
  • to foster a research environment in which young researchers, including PhD students, can develop their professional knowledge and skills

Research and highlights

Professor Malcolm Higgs is currently working on a paper with Sinem Bulkan (a visiting scholar) for Leadership Quarterly on the topic of psychopathic leadership and its impact on followers. He’s also working on another paper on Leader Mindfulness and effective change implementation.

PhD candidate William Donald received the SBS PGR Publication Award for his paper titled “The undergraduate self-perception of employability: Human capital, careers advice, and career ownership” which has been accepted for publication in Studies in Higher Education [3* ABS]. William Donald’s supervisors are Professor Yehuda Baruch and Dr Melanie Ashleigh.

In 2017, Dr. Mina Beigi published a paper in Human Relations [4* ABS].

Professor Yehuda Baruch is Vice President, Research of EURAM.

Staff list

Dr Melanie Ashleigh Associate Professor of OB and HRM; Director of DBA Programme
Dr Denise Baden Professor of Sustainable Business; Chair of University of Southampton Green Group; Sustainability Officer for Southampton Business School
Professor Yehuda Baruch Professor of Management
Dr Mina Beigi Associate Professor of OB and HRM; Faculty of Social Sciences Research Integrity Champion; Head of Centre of Research of Work and Organisations
Dr Bernard Bempong Teaching Fellow of OB and HRM; Senior Tutor for BA Business Management Programme
Dr Alessia D’Amato Lecturer of OB and HRM; Programme Leader of MSc in International Management
Dr Nuno Da Camara Principal Teaching Fellow of OB and HRM; Director of MBA Programme
Professor Malcolm Higgs Professor of OB and HRM
Dr Jane Parry Lecturer of OB and HRM
Dr Tahir Nisar Associate Professor of OB and Strategy
Dr Michail Veliziotis Lecturer of HRM
Dr Guy Vernon Associate Professor of OB and HRM; Programme Leader of MSc in HRM
Dr Taposh Roy Senior Teaching Fellow of OB and HRM
Dr Xiaoshuang Lin Lecturer of OB and HRM
Professor Amy Fraher Professor of OB and HRM; Head of OB and HRM Department



Contact us

We welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students. Members of the group are always happy to discuss possible areas of research with prospective students. For more information, contact the Director of PhD Programmes.

Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

The Department of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour examines leadership and its professional development from the relational perspective, processes and factors associated with individual and organisational change, and HR practices affecting learning and performance in organisations.

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