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The LLM Programme - a bespoke experience

The LLM degree programme is designed to draw on the research strengths of the School’s academic staff who are active at the cutting edge of international and national legal reform and development. The expertise of the staff has been recognised as being of international excellence, and in the School of Law we are strongly committed to providing the very best learning experience for all our students in a friendly, stimulating and research-led environment.

The LLM programme aims to develop your legal skills within a structure that will allow you to shape your degree towards those areas in which your interests match our particular expertise, while maintaining an overall coherence in relation to your individual choice of modules.

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The Southampton LLM experience offers ‘bespoke’ programmes where students can select their options and pathways once they arrive and tailor their studies to their own interests and career development.

To be awarded an LLM in the programmes, students are required to choose four subjects indicated in the list pertaining the individual programme, and write a dissertation on a topic of interest. The list of subjects for each programme is extensive and allows students to tailor make their LLM experience by choosing and matching LLM subjects in relation to their interests and future career choices - a true bespoke LLM experience.

LLM Commercial and Corporate Law

Debate in big cases against a law breaking company or defend the rights of smaller businesses. Study and analyse insurance law, while examining the principles of secured transactions.

LLM General

Become a successful legal professional, ready to take on any case possible. Develop the knowledge to debate and win cases of great importance through supervision from a renowned team of staff.

LLM Insurance Law

Insurance law is a complex and intriguing subject that is fascinating to study and reflect upon the interaction of insurance law with other aspects of a business.

LLM International Business Law

Expand your knowledge of business law, develop your analytical, evaluative and research skills and examine Contracts, tax, trade law, human rights, they all fall into international jurisdiction.

LLM International Law

Look towards legally advising on a transnational platform, considering wider issues of international law in the context of human rights & conflict resolution, the environment or business & commerce.

LLM Maritime Law

Taught by internationally renowned experts, this challenging and prestigious qualification attracts ambitious lawyers from around the world who wish to specialise and engage with the shipping sector.

The aims of the programme are to:

give you a thorough and systematic knowledge and understanding of the main principles of law in each of the modules and an overview of the social and economic policies and values which underpin them

give you an understanding of the process by which law is produced and to evaluate that process

give you an understanding of how UK and European Law, and UK and International law interact

provide you with experience in dealing with legal principles deriving from a variety of legal instruments, including international conventions, statutes, case law and standard form contracts

enable you to develop skills of legal analysis and problem solving, both systematically and at an advanced level

enable you to understand the workings of the common law system where you come from a different legal background

enable you to understand the legal and policy questions at the forefront of the academic discipline and to display a critical awareness of the present legal framework

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