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Below is a list of the current journals of the Parkes Institute.



Joachim Schloer
Some of the Parkes Team

Patterns of Prejudice

Professor Tony Kushner

Patterns of Prejudice was founded in 1967 when the study of antisemitism and racism in all its forms, as well as fascism, was still in its infancy. The journal has played a key role in developing this vital area of scholarship and in connecting the intellectual study of prejudice with combatting it in the contemporary world. It is thus very close to the work of James Parkes and appropriate that the Parkes Institute is the academic home of this internationally recognised journal published by Taylor Francis.

Published five times a year, the journal is proudly interdisciplinary and explores prejudice past and present. It continues to analyse hostilities towards minorities that have received detailed attention in scholarship, including antisemitism and anti-Black racism. It also focuses attention on hatred against Muslims, Gypsies and asylum seekers, which remain less studied. The journal is at the forefront of developing sophisticated analyses of these new areas of scholarship, just as it was in 1967 in the study of antisemitism.

Patterns of Prejudice is co-edited by Tony Kushner, Barbara Rosenbaum, Dan Stone and Graham Macklin.

Jewish Culture and History

Professor Joachim Schlör

Jewish Culture and History (Routledge, Taylor and Francis) is an inter-disciplinary journal which brings together the best of current research in Jewish social history with innovative work in Jewish cultural studies. The journal includes cutting-edge research by younger scholars as well as established specialists, and reviews of recent publications. The journal explores previously neglected areas of the Jewish experience from a range of different perspectives including Jewish popular culture, social and political history, literary and cultural representation of Jews, and the global contexts of Jewish culture and history. Several issues have been published as a book, and include topics such as Jewish Migration and the Archive, Jewish Diplomacy and Welfare, Jewish Cultural Heritage, Jews on the Celtic Fringes, The Interface between Contemporary British Black and Jewish Cultures, and Jews: Movement, Migration, Location.

Holocaust Studies: A Journal of Culture and History

Dr James Jordan

The journal provides a forum for both younger and established scholars engaged in research at the cutting edge of contemporary Holocaust studies. The interests
of the journal are broad and include the investigation
of Nazi genocides as historical and social phenomena, their origins and their consequences. Further, the journal explores the issues of representation and memorialisation through the investigation of film, literature, testimony and public rituals. The geographical and chronological focus of the journal is also extensive.

The journal looks forward to publishing work which considers the Nazi politics of destruction in a global context, including their continuing and wide-ranging legal, social, cultural and political repercussions.

The journal is co-edited by James Jordan, Hannah Holtschneider, Tom Lawson and Tim Grady.

With recent issues on ‘Jewish Maritime Studies’ or ‘Jewish Migration and the Archive’, and with forthcoming volumes on ‘Contemporary Sephardic Studies’ or on the city of Los Angeles as a crossing-site of German, Jewish and American cultures, our journal Jewish Culture and History has again become one of the leading and indispensable forums for contemporary Jewish Studies.

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