Emeritus Professor John Chad

Emeritus Professor John Chad

Research interests

  • Overall research interest is the processing and transformation of information within the nervous system in health and in neuropathologies
  • Organotypic neural cultures for studies of circuit development, neuronal function and neuropathology
  • Self-organisation and computational function of neurones and neural circuits

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Dr. John Chad is Professor of Neuroscience at the Centre for Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton, UK, a member of the Institute for Life Sciences and a member of the Southampton Neurosciences Group. In 2002 he co-founded Capsant Neurotechnologies Ltd. commercialising research into neurodegenerative diseases. His background includes research as a Faculty Research Biologist at UCLA (1980-85) studying neuronal calcium signalling, and research at the Sandoz Institute for Medical Research (1985-1986). His research interests include the application of optics to neuroscience, control of neuronal excitability, neurodegeneration, neuronal self-organisation and neurocomputation.