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Dr Cornelia Blume

Lecturer B

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Dr Cornelia Blume’s research is focused on understanding the complex interaction of the epithelial barrier with environmental challenges like pollen, viruses and bacteria. Cornelia uses human 3D in vitro models of the respiratory mucosa, constantly refining these models to reflect the in vivo situation more accurately. Using a unique multidisciplinary approach she combines traditional methods with -omics, tissue engineering and engineering approaches in her research. For example, using a microfluidic culture platform (collaboration Prof. Morgan, ECS) she monitored for the first time temporal barrier responses during environmental challenges (Blume et al, PLoSOne, 2015) and established a human respiratory epithelial-endothelial co-culture model characterising cellular crosstalk to viral components (Blume et al., Immun. Inflamm. Dis. 2017).