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Clinical Cancer Researchers

We are a group of clinicians working together to increase the numbers of patients cured of cancer. Our expertise spans across many fields, from haematological and medical oncology to immunology.

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We are a group of clinicians dedicated to advancing cancer diagnosis and treatment, Our expertise spans across:

  • haematological and medical oncology
  • surgery
  • paediatrics
  • immunology
  • histopathology
  • radiology

As clinicians, we ensure our research is always focused on improving patient care, and is translated from the laboratory to clinic as rapidly as possible. Our main research areas include:

  • cancer immunotherapy
  • lymphoma
  • breast cancer
  • colorectal cancer
  • oesophageal cancer
  • urology
  • neuroblastoma

We work collaboratively with basic discovery scientists and other disciplines, including mathematicians, chemists, statisticians and engineers.

We are based in the University and University Hospital Southampton and work closely with other partners to develop new clinical trials, including:

People, projects, publications and PhDs


Professor Alex Mirnezami

Professor of Surgical Oncology
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Professor Andy Davies BSc (Hons) BM (Hons) PhD FRCP

Professor of Haematological Oncology
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Dr Constantinos Savva MD, MSc, PhD, MRCP

Associate Professor of Medical Oncology

Research interests

  • The comprehensive evaluation of the immunometabolic phenotype of tumour microenvironment in breast cancer.
  • Investigation of the underlying biology and immunomodulatory effects of anti-PD1 and metformin combination using targeted transcriptomics and multiplex immunohistochemistry in a breast tumour murine model.

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Professor Diana Eccles

Dean of Medicine

Research interests

  • Genetic predispostion to cancer
  • Cancer susceptibility variant interpetation and clinical application
  • Patient communication to optimise shared decision making
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Professor Francesco Forconi

Professor of Haematology

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Professor John Primrose

Professor of Surgery

Research interests

  • Professor Primrose’s research is in gastrointestinal cancer, clinical and translational and Health Services Research. The focus is on improving outcomes for patients undergoing surgical treatment for cancer. This is being achieved through devising and undertaking large scale national and international trials. All the studies are associated with tissue collections with a view to the development of biomarkers which will have prognostic value and may also predict response to therapy.
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Professor Juliet Gray


Research interests

  • Fc modification of monoclonal antibodies to improve effector function
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Mr Malcolm West MD PhD FRCS(Ed) FRCS(Eng)

Assoc Professor in Colorectal Surgery

Research interests

  • Prehabilitation
  • Perioperative risk assessment
  • Complex cancer surgery

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