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Centre for Innovation in Mental Health

About our research

Our 3 themes cover developmental, therapeutic and clinical research.

Explore our themes in depth and learn about our funding partners.

Developmental and applied psychopathology 

Specific projects focus on:

  • understanding the impact of environmental risk
  • identifying neurological and cognitive risk mechanisms
  • exploring associated developmental disorders in children and adolescents
  • understanding the impact of developmental disorders in education
  • developing effective intervention and prevention methods

Therapeutic innovation across the life span 

We apply evidence-based research to develop innovative therapeutic techniques. Our scientific trials span from experimental and proof of concept studies to large scale, multi-centre assessments.

Our priorities include:

  • identifying and preventing childhood conditions through screening and psychological interventions
  • investigating image-based interventions mood and cognitive disorders
  • exploring psycho-social interventions for difficult to reach populations (for example homeless people and prisoners)
  • evaluating novel pharmacological drug targets
  • delivering online psychological assessments and treatment

Clinical and affective neuroscience

We use advanced neuroscience methods to understand brain systems that increase risk and resilience to mental illness. This allows us to reveal novel therapeutic treatment targets.

Our research priorities include:

  • identifying neuropsychological treatment targets in mental health conditions
  • predicting treatment response with biological markers
  • developing experimental medicine models for pharmacological treatments
  • understanding inflammatory mechanisms in the treatment of mood disorders
  • evaluating the effects of brain stimulation on neuropsychological function and emotions

Funding partners

We're supported by research grants from major UK and international funders, including: