Research project

Bioengineering to combat the tuberculosis pandemic

Project overview

We will combine engineering and biological approaches to investigate the host-pathogen interaction and identify new therapeutic targets.


Lead researcher

Professor Paul Elkington

Director of Inst. for Medical Innovation

Research interests

  • tuberculosis
  • immunopathology
  • diagnosis
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Other researchers

Professor Xunli Zhang PhD, DIC, FRSC, CChem, CEng

Head of Department-Chemical Engineerg

Research interests

  • Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies
  • Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
  • Nanomaterials
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Research outputs

Mohamed Ahmed, Jared Mackenzie, Liku Bekele Tezera, Robert Krause, Barry Truebody, Diana Garay Baquero, Andres Vallejo Pulido, Katya Govender, John Adamson, Hayden Fisher, Jonathan W. Essex, Salah Mansour, Paul Elkington, Adrie J. C. Steyn & Alasdair Leslie, 2022, Communications Biology, 5(1317)
Type: article
NF Walker, F Karim, MY Moosa, S Moodley, M Mazibuko, K Khan, TR Sterling, YF van der Heijden, AD Grant, Paul Elkington, A Pym & A Leslie, 2022, The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 226(5), 928-932
Type: article
Mohamed Ahmed, Jared Mackenzie, Robert Krause, Barry Truebody, Liku Bekele Tezera, Diana Garay Baquero, Andres F. Vallejo, Katya Govender, John Adamson, Paul Elkington, Hayden Fisher, Jonathan W. Essex, Salah Mansour, Adrie Steyn & Alasdair Leslie, 2022, Communications Biology
Type: article
Paul Elkington, Marta Polak, MT Reichmann & Alasdair Leslie, 2021, Trends in Molecular Medicine, 28(2), 143-154
Type: review
Alasdair Munro, Jacqui Prieto, Emmanouil Mentzakis, Mohammed AM Mansour, Nitin Mahobia, Peter Baker, Sarah Herbert, Trevor Smith, Matthew Hine, Joann Hall, Angie McClarren, Mike Davidson, Julie Brooks, Jane Fisher, David Griffiths, Hywel Morgan, Corrado Giulietti, Saul Faust & Paul Elkington, 2021, Frontiers in Medical Technology, 3(October 2021), 1-13
Type: article