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Doctor Salah Mansour

Dr Salah Mansour

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Unconventioanl T cells in health and disease 
  • CD1 group 1 restricted T cell immunity  
  • Structural and molecular mechainsms of CD1 lipid antigen presentation 

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Dr Salah Mansour is Associate Professor within Medicine at the University of Southampton. He leads a research group that employs a multidisciplinary approach to study the biological functions of CD1 molecules and their “unconventional” lipid reactive T cells. This has broad relevance to human diseases, including tuberculosis, cancer, and autoimmune conditions.  

His lab combines basic interdisciplinary and translational studies that aim to improve our understanding of CD1 mediated immunity to help develop novel therapeutic targets and diagnostics for patient benefit. Current active funding is from HEFCE, CRUK, MRC, IfLS and PHE.

He has developed strong collaborations with computational and synthetic chemists, structural biologists, and with tuberculosis and cancer clinicians. He also has strong links with Public Health England Porton Down (Dr Sally Sharpe), King’s College London, The Francis Crick Institute, and the Africa Research Institute in Durban.