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Professor Mark Jones

Professor Mark Jones

 BM(Hons) PhD MRCP(UK)
Professor of Respiratory Medicine

Research interests

  • Fibrosis initiation & progression
  • Lung microenvironment
  • Therapeutic targeting

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Mark Jones, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, is a clinician scientist who leads a research group investigating lung fibrosis initiation and progression, from basic disease mechanisms to the development of new treatments, based on a programme of interdisciplinary research.  His research is underpinned by strong multidisciplinary basic-translational-clinical interaction, involving multiple collaborations with other Faculties and externally with both Academia and Pharma. He is also the clinical lead for the interstitial lung disease service at University Hospitals Southampton where he has developed new models of care to reduce the time taken to patient diagnosis and treatment commencement.

Potential students, post-doctoral scientists or clinical scientists who are interested in joining his group are encouraged to contact Prof Jones.