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Research project

Dr P. Elkington: Investigating multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in the 3-dimensional bioelectrospray cell culture model

Project overview

We will develop luminescent strains of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and investigate the response to antibiotics in our biomimetic model system.


Lead researcher

Professor Paul Elkington

Professor of Respiratory Medicine

Research interests

  • tuberculosis
  • immunopathology
  • diagnosis

Connect with Paul

Research outputs

Mohamed Ahmed,
Jared Mackenzie,
Robert Krause,
Barry Truebody,
Katya Govender,
John Adamson,
Jonathan W. Essex,
Adrie J. C. Steyn,
& Alasdair Leslie
, 2022 , Communications Biology , 5 (1317)
Type: article
Quig Miow,
Andres Vallejo Pulido,
Yu Wang,
Jia Hong,
Chen Bai,
Felicia Teo,
Alvin Wang,
Hong Loh,
Tuan Tan,
Ying Ding,
Hoi She,
Suay Gan,
Nicholas Paton,
Josephine Lum,
Alicia Tay,
Cynthia Chee,
Paul Tambyah,
Marta Polak,
Yee Wang,
Amit Singhal,
Jon S. Friedland,
& Catherine W.M. Ong
, 2021 , Journal of Clinical Investigation , 131 (15)
Type: article
Magdalena Bielecka,
Paul Ogongo,
Naomi Walker,
Matthew Ellis,
Diana J. Garay-Baquero,
Kristian Thomas,
Katalin Wilkinson,
Mohamed Ahmed,
Sanjay Jogai,
Suwan N. Jayasinghe,
Robert J. Wilkinson,
Salah Mansour,
Christian Ottensmeier,
Alasdair Leslie,
, 2020 , eLife , 9
Type: article
, 2020 , Journal of Infection , 81 (2) , 318--356
Type: letterEditorial
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