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Lead researcher

Professor Timothy Leighton FRS FREng FMedSci ScD

Professor of Ultrasonics
Other researchers

Emeritus Professor George Attard

Research interests

  • the primary focus of my research is on understanding the fundamental properties and behaviour of complex chemical systems;
  • the discovery that certain types of naturally-occuring glycosides, when formulated to produce self-assembled nanoparticles are potent modulators of immune responses;
  • the discovery that lyotropic liquid crystalline phases can be used as templates for the synthesis of nanostructured mesoporous oxides, semiconductors and metals, which led to the foundation of Nanotecture PLC, a University spin-out;

Professor Robert Wood

Professor of Surface Engand Tribology

Research interests

  • Professor Robert Wood has research interests that span the application of lubrication, wear and friction science to current and next generation critical machine components such as bearings, transmissions, turbines, pumps, renewable energy systems and electrification of transportation. His research projects look at detecting wear, corrosion, friction and lubrication using these measurements to improve condition monitoring of machines including EVs and aeroengine fan blades and to optimise surface engineering for extended service life, energy efficiency and to drive tribology based digital twins and machine learning development.

Professor Robert Read

Chair of Infectious Diseases

Professor Charles Keevil

Professor In Environmental Health Care

Professor Emma Roe

Professor of More-Than-Human Geographies

Professor Jeremy Frey

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

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T.J. Secker,
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Type: article
Panagiotis P. Galanis,
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Type: article
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