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Nanophotonics group

Our group offers the UK's leading research programme on photonic metamaterials.


We have contributed to the fast growth of the photonics industry, including the optical telecommunication technology that underpins the Internet.

Through better understanding of the new physics of advanced materials structured on the sub-wavelength scale, we aim to control and harness light at the nanoscale. 

Through this we can improve: 

  • telecoms 
  • energy and light generation 
  • imaging 
  • lithography 
  • data storage 
  • sensing 
  • security and defence applications 

Our research interests include: 

  • advanced materials for nanophotonics (including phase-change, high-index dielectric, epsilon-near zero, and superconducting materials) 
  • nano-opto-mechanical reconfigurable metamaterials 
  • integration of metamaterial and optical fibre technologies 
  • free-electron interactions with light in nanostructured media 
  • toroidal electrodynamics 

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My interests are varied across photonics, particularly in optical fibre design and fabrication, optical materials, optical sensing, and high-power fibre lasers.
Head of School
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