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Centre for Risk Research

Risk students

The staff in the Centre for Risk Research currently teach and supervise over 100 students who are each studying for risk-related Masters or PhD qualifications. To learn more about the experiences of some of these students, please view the testimonials below.

Photo of Stanislav Bukhman

Managing security risks is currently one of the most significant challenges in the aviation industry. It has become increasingly important to use scientific methods to estimate risks and develop effective mitigation measures. During my PhD, I will explore how such scientific methods can best be used to achieve greater security across the aviation sector.

Stanislav Bukhman - ‘Aviation Security Risk Management Under Substantial Uncertainty' 2018
Photo of Leen Gammoh

I chose to apply to the University of Southampton because of its global reputation and inspiring research environment. The Centre for Risk Research (CRR) encompasses distinguished academic staff with multidisciplinary backgrounds. The CRR staff have broadening my perspectives through the exchange of innovative ideas and thoughtful insights

Leen Gammoh - The Perception and Communication of Flood Risks within Jordanian Communities - October 2018
Photo of He He

The CRR offers an exciting interdisciplinary research environment

He He - PhD: Credit rating evaluations of individual participants in financial markets
Photo of Justin Hempson-Jones

I am interested in how our identity and dispositions drive us to conceive of risks in different ways, and why such variations in humankind evolved in the first place. The internet (including social media) is an amazing space with which to explore these questions, and learn more about who we are, what we want, and why we behave the ways we do.

Justin Hempson-Jones - PhD Title: 'Individual differences as Vulnerabilities to Exploitation on Social Network Sites' - 2017
Photo of Maryam Hussain M Alyahya

My country (Saudi Arabia) has put in place its 2030 vision, which focuses on several fields of study, including risk management and insurance. The Saudi university gave me a scholarship and asked me to travel abroad and specialize in this major. Working at a university has given me the opportunity to study this fascinating and important major, for which I will always be very grateful. I chose to continue my master's degree and PhD in the UK because it has great expertise in this field, and the University of Southampton has a high ranking among other universities. It is a leading university in risk management, which will allow me to stay up-to-date with all the new developments in this field. I am very keen to learn about this field in more detail. I realised that there is a lack of Arabic information about risk management, which led me to take up the responsibility of writing one article a month in the Maal newspaper. It is very important that people are being made aware of many aspects of risk management, and this has motivated me to study for a PhD in such a great university. I am sure that this will help me to inform others about risk management in the future.

Maryam Hussain M Alyahya - Analysis of board behavior towards reputation management in the insurance industry -2020-2021
Photo of Amey Kansara

The Centre for Risk Research is one of the premier interdisciplinary research groups in the United Kingdom. They have long standing collaborations with several prestigious financial firms in the City of London. This provides a professional element to academic life. Having been offered a coveted PhD scholarship by Star Financial Systems and EPSRC, supervision under renowned academics Dr Teijun Ma, Professor Ming-Chien Sung and Professor Johnnie Johnson in the field of risk, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Amey Kansara -
Photo of Margaret  Kuyor

After working for 17 years in the private and public sector, the decision to return to academic world as a PhD candidate was not easy. Leaving behind temporarily my comfort zone, a stable life and promising career involve risk elements, ‘transaction cost’ and great sacrifice. Though there is a time I questioned my rationale of doing so, I’m optimistic that this risky decision is worth to pursue and upmost I’m proud to be selected to be part of University of Southampton, which is renowned worldwide. “Where there is a greater risk, There is a greater return.”

Margaret Kuyor - Phd in Business Studies and Management - 2018
Photo of Jun Neoh

I chose to study at the Centre for Risk Research because of its global reputation in producing fascinating forecasting models. For example, I remember attending a talk at the Centre by a presenter who used a statistical model to predict horse racing results. I was also encouraged and inspired by the faculty members of the CRR, such as Dr Maxwell Chipulu (who has been extremely supportive throughout my research career), Professors Johnnie Johnson and Vanessa Sung, as well as the many wonderful staffs and PhD students. It has been a fun journey!

Jun Neoh - PhD in Management Science: “Statistical Modelling of Commuter Decision-Making”
Photo of Shoyemi  Olatokunbo

I chose to study at Southampton Business School because of its global ranking, the wealth of knowledge and experiences of its faculty members and, in particular, their expertise in risk-related research. I am confident that my supervisors will guide me all the way to my dream of obtaining a PhD.

Shoyemi Olatokunbo - An Empirical Evaluation of Fraud Risk Management in Nigerian Insurance Businesses
Photo of Larry Orimoloye

I chose the University of Southampton because of the applied work carried out by the Centre for Risk Research (CRR) which is undoubtedly ground breaking. The strength of using quantitative and qualitative techniques to effectively measure and quantify uncertainties and movement in various financial markets makes the CRR unique. They also have a culture of strong collaboration with the industry by translating academic hypotheses to effective and winning business strategies.

Larry Orimoloye - PhD: Applied Statistics/Bayesian/Machine learning/AI/Deep learning with business applications
Photo of Tom  Phipps

In a world which is deferring decisions to algorithmic processes more than ever before, understanding the limits and risks involved with such practices is of considerable importance, particularly where navigating cases of ethical uncertainty has to be undertaken by a machine. Whilst ethics is inherently a human-based analytical process of deciding on the 'right' course of action, it must be considered how effective algorithmic processes will be at making decisions under circumstances of ethical uncertainty. Having explored different ethical concepts in the jurisprudential aspects of my LLB Law degree, the challenging nature of applying ethics to algorithmic decision making was what made me choose to undertake this project at the CRR.

Tom Phipps - PhD Title: 'Embedding Ethical Uncertainty in Algorithmic Decision Making' - October 2019
Photo of Ivan Rajkovic

I chose to apply to University of Southampton because I wanted to be a part of an inspiring research environment, at the very heart of leading risk and behavioural decision making research. The unique combination of excellent global reputation, distinguished academic staff with thorough expertise in various disciplines, and a large pool of empirical data sets for research makes the Centre for Risk Research an ideal place for a doctoral journey. I feel really lucky to be here.”

Ivan Rajkovic - PhD (Commenced 2014): Using stochastic and computational intelligence to model sports wagering markets microstructures.
Photo of Shaun Ryles

I chose the Centre for Risk Research at Southampton University for my part-time PhD because of its unique pedigree as a specialist centre for both academics and practitioners. As a resilience professional, I wanted to study somewhere that respected experience and skilfully guided that experience to create new academic thought that challenges current paradigms. In an increasingly uncertain world, I wanted my studies to add value to resilience thinking and I needed a supportive and highly respected institution in which to do that.

Shaun Ryles - PhD Title: 'Assessing the Effectiveness of the Resilience Concept in Organisational Crises' - October 2019
Photo of Seyed Mohammad Hossein Toliyat

Amongst a wide range of business schools worldwide, I selected Southampton Business School for its specialised Centre for Risk Research. Besides providing strong support for PhD researchers, this centre gathers the finest minds in the realm of decision analytics and risk from diverse disciplines. Moreover, Southampton Business School has a clear vision and is the right place for carrying out world-class research and pushing knowledge boundaries.

Seyed Mohammad Hossein Toliyat - PhD in Business Studies & Management, Commenced 2018
Photo of Wei Wang

Risk capital allocation is one of the most important components of an Enterprise Risk Management process for financial reporting purposes and supporting decisions concerning business expansions, reductions, or even eliminations. However, the current financial regulations, such as Basel III or Solvency II, are designed to limit each institution’s risk in isolation and are not sufficiently focused on the dependence structure between institutions. Also, they do not considered the risk attitudes of the decision maker’s. I choose this risk-related topic to provide a new risk capital allocation scheme and to guide the development of financial regulations.

Wei Wang - PhD Title: 'Risk Measure and Risk Capital Allocation as a Function of Risk Attitudes' - 2017
Photo of Kaiqi Xu

The University of Southampton teaches me ‘the heights yield to endeavour’, while the Centre for Risk Research (CRR) helps me to understand how to tap into ‘the wisdom of crowds’ to take decisions in the face of risk and uncertainty. With the supervision of Dr Mario Brito and Dr Patrick Beullens, I will contribute my enthusiasm and expertise through my research outputs and publications in the field of decision analytics and risk.

Kaiqi Xu - A Fuzzy Neural Decision Support System for Bankruptcy Diagnosis in Fuzzy Environments: A Comparative Study of Transportation Companies 2020-21
Photo of Jinqiang Ye

It’s never easy to come to a truly rational decision, but my choice of the world-leading Centre for Risk Research, was certainly a good start.

Jinqiang Ye -
Photo of Danni Zhang

I decided to undertake my PhD in the Centre for Risk Research (CRR) because of its prestigious position in both the risk and behavioural decision-making research areas and because it would mean that I could interact with its distinguished academic staff across a variety of disciplines.

Danni Zhang -
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