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Centre for Risk Research

Publication success for book on The Science and Art of Transparent Decision Making

Published: 21 June 2021
Book cover

Professor Konstantinos Katsikopoulos, a member of the Centre for Risk Research (CRR), has recently published a new scholarly book entitled Classification in the Wild: The Science and Art of Transparent Decision Making (MIT Press, December 2020). In its first weeks of release, the book became a No. 1 new release in the Amazon (US) sales chart.

Professor Katsikopoulos, the lead author, wrote the book with a team from the Bank of England (Marcus Buckmann, Senior Data Scientist), the University of Bath (Dr Ozgur Simsek, Head of AI Research Group), and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Professor Gerd Gigerenzer, world-leading cognitive scientist). The book shows how to build accurate, yet transparent, models for decision making and how to investigate decisions in the sensitive domains of health, wealth, and justice. These are all areas in which CRR has considerable strengths.

Dr Cass Sunstein, Harvard Law School professor and co-founder (with Nobel laureate Richard Thaler) of the reigning “nudge” approach to behavioural change, wrote to Professor Katsikopoulos and his colleagues to compliment them on the publication. Dr Sunstein said that he “bought the book and it may come handy in his new job at the Department of Homeland Security [US]”. 

Dr Ian Dawson, Director of the Centre for Risk Research, said “Konstantinos and his colleagues have put a wealth of expertise and many years of hard work into this high quality book. I am sure that it will prove to be a highly valuable aid for anyone who wishes to make better decisions that involve risk and uncertainty.

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