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The University of Southampton
Centre for Risk Research

Through a wide variety of research projects, we have developed a deeper appreciation of the nature of risk and established new approaches to risk analysis. We have utilised this knowledge to assist individuals and organisations to improving the quality of decision-making in the face of risk and uncertainty. 

Here are some brief details about three projects recently undertaken by staff at the Centre for Risk Research:

Risk Analysis for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in Antarctic Research

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Dr Mario Brito worked in collaboration with the University of Tasmania’s Australian Marine Centre (AMC) to assess the risk of losing an ISE Explorer Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) during a mission to deploy state-of-the-art sensors under the Antarctic ice shelf. The AUV missions enabled the research team to understand better the physical and biological processes in the extreme Antarctic environment and Dr Brito’s analysis helped the team to overcome the very real risk of losing the vehicle.

Developing a Big Data Platform to Help Companies Manage Risk

Shenzen Cityscape

Professor Johnnie Johnson, Professor Vanessa Sung and Dr Tiejun Ma are working on a project funded by the Shenzen government in China and Audaque Ltd to build a big data-supported financial services platform. The project will develop a sophisticated system that can process massive quantities of financial data from banks, securities institutions, small-loan companies, peer-to-peer lenders (P2P) and people-to-business (P2B) internet finance companies to support the risk-based decisions made by financial institutions.

Creating a Novel Risk Matrix with Munich Re

Munich Re, Canada

Dr Alasdair Marshall led a research project that designed a new risk classification architecture or “risk matrix” for Munich Re, one of the world’s largest global risk solutions and reinsurance companies. The matrix was designed specifically to comprise both high-level general risk categories and specific risk subcategories, and covers companies within six different industries. The project’s success was based largely on the detailed analysis of risk information from US Securities and Exchange Commission 10-K risk reports.


The Centre for Risk Research team combines analytical rigour with flair for real-world problem solving.

The staff at the Centre for Risk Research are the best in world when it comes to developing sophisticated models of speculative behaviours in financial markets.

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