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Centre for Risk Research

Research grants

A selection of our research grants from 2014 to the present.

Selected grants awarded in 2019

Katsikopoulos, K. and Alyahya, M. £51,000. Saudi Arabian Government, ‘Board Role in Managing Firm Reputation in the Insurance Industry’.

Lessmann, S. €135,000. CREATEXT, EXIST grant funded by Federal Ministry for Business and Energy (BMWi), European Union.

Hanoch, Y. £18,500. ESRC IAA grant for a UK Cabinet Office secondment (one day per week for a year) working on the topic of ‘Preventing fraud: Informing policy makers on what works’.

Selected grants awarded in 2018

Mues, C. Higgs, M. So, M. £142,000. Innovate UK. Transfer and develop a unique analytics capability and provide a causal link between employee engagement and business success.

Johnson, J.E.V., McGroarty, F., Sung, M.C., McGee, R., and Ma, T. £266,000. Jointly funded by Innovate UK, ESRC, EPSRC and Seven Investment Management (7IM). Creating and embedding an innovative uncertainty control system for asset allocation decisions.

Sung, M., Ma, T., Sung, M. and Johnson, J.E.V. £174,000. Kx Systems. KDB database platform, optimised for streaming, real time and historical Big Data analytics.

Selected grants awarded in 2017

Brito, M. £8,000,000. Horizon 2020 BRIDGES project. Work package leader in risk and reliability testing for missions using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

Sung, M., McGroarty, F., Johnson, J.E.V., Ma, T., McGee, R., and Urquhart, A. £80,000. Seven Investment Management grant for a project titled ‘Developing and testing a risk tolerance questionnaire for investors’.

McGroarty, F., Sung, M.C., Ma, T., Johnson, J.E.V. £90,000, Seven Investment Management grant for project titles ‘Risk Factor Model Portfolios for Retail Investors’.

Selected grants awarded in 2016

Ma, T., Sung, M. and Johnson J.E.V., Lessmann, S., and Flores Lopez, R. £296,000. Audaque Big Data software and staff support.

Johnson J.E.V., McGroarty, F., Sung, M. McGee R., Ma, T., Cheah, J.  £270,000. Seven Investment Management / ESRC (Impact Acceleration Award). Developing an innovative, cloud-based risk management framework.

Sung, M.C., Johnson, J.E.V., Ma, T., Baesens, B., Florez Lopez, R, and Lessmann, S. €30,000. Ministerio de Economia y Competitvidad-Spanish National Research Council for Collaboration, risk management and governance in SMEs: Drivers for competitiveness and international entrepreneurship.

Selected grants awarded in 2015

Ma, T., Sung, M. and Johnson J.E.V. £400,000. Shenzen Government, China and Audaque. Building a Big Data supported financial services platform.

McGroarty, F., Johnson, J.E.V., Sung, M.C., O’Sullivan, P., McGee, R., Ma, T. and Urquhart, A. £247,000. Seven Investment Management for developing flexible portfolio optimisation models for strategic asset allocation.

Paci, F., Sassone, V., Ma, T., Farrer, D. (IBM), and Howard, G. (Cyber Security Society). £106,772. (£53,361 from HEA) for project titled ‘Enhancing Campus Cyber Security through Constructivist Student Learning’.

Selected grants awarded in 2014

Sung, M. C, Ma, T., Johnson J.E.V. (with R. Florez Lopez, J. M. Ramon-Jeronimo’s). £10,000. TreeNet forecasting of spread trading risk. ESRC Accelerating Impact Award.

Sung, M.C. Johnson J., & Ma, T. £87,700 EPSRC CASE Award for "Managing risk through state-of-the-art quantitative analysis of financial traders’ decisions" 2014-2017. The project will be conducted in conjunction with London Capital Group Holdings plc.

Sung, M.C. & Johnson J., Florez Lopez, R., Lessmann, S. Baesens, B. €25,300 from the Andalusian Regional Government for Excellent Research Projects Initiative to examine the management of efficiency in high risk environments.

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