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The University of Southampton

Planning your arrival

You may have some questions about how to plan for your arrival, especially if you’re coming from outside of the UK. We’ve provided some helpful information below about when to move into University accommodation, as well as guidance on quarantining, dependent on where you are travelling from.

You can find our advice and information about travelling to the University in Step 8 of our Welcome Steps.

Complete your Online Induction

Around three to four weeks before the start of your tenancy and if you have accepted your accommodation offer, you will receive an email inviting you to complete our Online Induction

The Online Induction is an interactive online guide that provides information relevant to life in University Accommodation. You will need to book your arrivals slot, read important safety information and respond to questions so make sure you complete it.

When to arrive

Moving in

UK students

Our UK students are expected to arrive at University accommodation on Friday 24, Saturday 25 or Sunday 26 September. All contracts will begin from Saturday 25 September.

You will be able to book your accommodation arrival slot at the end of the Online Induction.

If you have any questions about arriving in University accommodation, please email us at

International students

We’re looking forward to welcoming our international students to our University accommodation. International students can arrive in University accommodation from 7 September 2021 onwards for courses starting from 4 October 2021. We do advise however, that you arrive as close to your course induction date as you can, whilst keeping in mind any quarantine requirements.

You must complete the University arrivals form (available here) to let us know your expected arrival date.

By completing the form, you can also book your Airport pick up (also known as Meet and Greet) service if you need it. You can find out more about our Meet and Greet service in Step 8 of our welcome steps.

What to bring

Moving into halls is a whole new exciting experience and there will be lots of things you'll need and may want to bring with you. Our best advice is to travel light! Wait until you arrive to buy general cleaning equipment or shared kitchen items and you can share the cost with your flat mates.

Before you start packing, have a look at what is and isn't provided for you in halls to help you plan what to bring.

Find out more

Quarantine information

If you are unsure of when to arrive, please keep in mind any requirements to quarantine on arrival. If you're unsure which list your country is on, please check the website for the latest information.

COVID-19 testing requirements prior to travel currently apply to all travellers entering the UK.

You can find out more quarantine information, dependent on what country you are travelling from, below. This includes information about financial support offered by the University.


Quarantine accommodation

We are unable to provide quarantine accommodation for students arriving from red list countries. Students will need to book a managed quarantine package with an approved hotel via the website.
We are offering financial support for those students staying in quarantine accommodation, find out more below. 
Financial support for all new students staying in mandatory hotel quarantine 
All new University of Southampton students who live in red list countries travelling to the UK for the 2021/22 academic year will have their mandatory hotel quarantine costs of up to £1,750 covered by the University. This applies to students who go on to stay at University accommodation or private rented, following their mandatory hotel quarantine. 
This support applies to countries on the red list on 30 June 2021. Countries added to the red list after this date will be reviewed on an on-going basis. Students should not transit via red list countries unless their original departure point is also a red list country.  
Payments will be made to qualifying students following receipt of proof of payment to the UK Government for hotel quarantine and full enrolment at the University of Southampton. These payments will be restricted to students only. Any costs associated with dependents including spouses and children will not be covered by the University. Further details on how to claim this support will be provided on this webpage shortly. 
Additional support available to students coming from red list countries, who are staying in University accommodation  
If you need accommodation between your managed hotel quarantine stay ending and your University accommodation contract starting, please email us at about an early arrival.

Students arriving from a red list country, who have applied for University accommodation, will be offered a room free of charge from the time they complete hotel quarantine until 25 September 2021, when their halls contracts begins. 

We are unable to provide accommodation for students arriving from “Red list” countries. Students will need to book a managed quarantine package with an approved hotel.

If you need accommodation between your managed quarantine stay ending and your University accommodation contract starting, please email us at about an early arrival.


If you are arriving from an amber list country, you are likely to need to quarantine upon arrival in the UK, in advance of your course starting. To confirm whether you may be exempt from quarantine upon arrival due to your vaccination status, please check the website for latest updates.

Quarantine accommodation

We are pleased to be able to provide quarantine accommodation for students arriving from amber list countries who will stay in University accommodation for 2021/22 academic year. You will be offered a quarantine contract from the date of your arrival until 25 September 2021. This will be at a discounted nightly rate to your main accommodation contract. 
We will provide you with a bedding pack, kitchen items and a food parcel to meet your initial needs. We will offer you the quarantine contract in the same room that you will live in for the rest of the academic year, where possible.


If you are arriving from a green list country, you do not currently need to quarantine upon arrival. 

If you are concerned about quarantining in your accommodation, or you need any more details, please contact

Moving In

Halls of residence

When you arrive at your University accommodation, the Residences team will be there to greet you and welcome you to our community. The Residences team offer 24-hour support and assistance so there is always somebody to contact to reassure you and answer any questions.

This continues to be a difficult time for everyone, but we want to assure you we have everything in place to support you during your stay with us.

You and the other students sharing your flat with you will constitute a ‘household’. You will be expected to follow UK Government guidelines for self-isolating if symptomatic, as well as following any other changes to UK Government or University safety guidance.

Students’ Union Halls Officers

The Halls Officer represents the needs and interests of students living in halls accommodation. They are a liaison between students and the University and work with the Students' Union to ensure the student experience in halls is the best it can be!

You can get involved too – if you have an idea or think something needs to change, get in touch with the Students' Union.

Find out about halls officers
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