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Register with a local doctor

All new students should find and register with a local doctor (GP) as soon as possible, whether you’re from the UK or somewhere else in the world. 

Don’t wait until you’re ill to register with a doctor.   

Deciding where to register

You can choose where to register, but it’s usually best to join the surgery closest to where you live. Most surgeries have a 'catchment area' and might not accept new patients outside it.

The University has two health services of its own for students. Both offer all the usual services you get from your doctor, including:  

  • physios 

  • mental health nurses 

  • contraception clinics - including coils and implants

  • dietitians

  • vaccines – for COVID-19, for travel abroad, and any other vaccines you’ve missed 

You can register with one of these services, or with any other doctor. 

If you're living on or near the Highfield campus

The University’s health services will be closest to you if you’re living on or near the Highfield campus.  

You can choose to register with either one.  

See where Highfield Health is on Google Maps

See where the University Health Service is on Google Maps

Register with Highfield Health

Register with the University Health Service

If you're living in Winchester or elsewhere

If you're living in Winchester or somewhere else off-campus, find a doctor near to you using the ‘Find a GP’ service from the NHS. You’ll need to put in your postcode.   

Find a GP