About Southampton Business School

Southampton Business School is transforming business and society for the better. We encourage responsible interdisciplinary research, education and knowledge exchange that make a sustainable impact on business and society. 

Our research is carried out across 6 departments and 10 research centres, with strengths in:

  • data analytics and artificial intelligence
  • entrepreneurship and strategy
  • leadership and management
  • marketing
  • governance and accounting
  • digital and financial technology

We collaborate with many of the world's leading companies for research and knowledge exchange, such as Microsoft, PwC, JP Morgan, Lloyds Banking Group, Deloitte and UBS. We also work with as local small and medium-sized enterprises with a strong commitment to sustainability and social inclusion.

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Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Residence

Our Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Residence scheme is a cornerstone of our knowledge exchange activities, helping us connect industry and policy leaders to the academic community.

Among other things, our leaders and entrepreneurs bring a fresh perspective and help us expand our networks and disseminate research findings.

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Inclusive environment

We foster an inclusive work environment. Our academics hold PhDs from prestigious universities in the world and are supported to carry out cutting-edge research to advance scholarship and make our world more sustainable and inclusive for everyone.

Our facilities

SBS students and researchers benefit from a range of modern teaching and learning facilities. These include:

They also have access to sports facilities, students’ union social spaces, and a range of cafes and restaurants across Highfield Campus.

Our team

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Southampton Business School students socialise in one of our dedicated study spaces.
Southampton Business School students socialise in one of our dedicated study spaces.


All of our courses are accredited by the AACSB, proving our commitment to the highest international standards in teaching and learning practice. Many of our master's courses are also accredited by international professional bodies. Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) course holds full 5-year AMBA accreditations.

Through a combination of theory and hands-on learning, we equip our students with the relevant academic and practical knowledge to succeed in business and make a positive change in the world.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students have opportunities for experiential learning, thanks to our extensive international network of alumni, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Undergraduate students also have options to study abroad or take a 1-year salaried placement year in industry.

Undergraduate and postgraduate options

Explore Southampton Business School courses, including undergraduate, postgraduate taught, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and PhD options.

Executive education courses

We run a range of short courses for organisations, helping them to grow the knowledge, skills and behaviours to attract, develop and retain talented people.

Our short courses also equip organisations with the latest knowledge relevant to their competitive strategies and approaches to innovation.

Our offering includes a sustainability reporting course accredited by GRI.

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Business services

We partner with organisations of all types and sizes, at local, national and international levels.

We work on collaborative projects with government agencies, local authorities, research organisations and industry.

We also undertake contract research and offer a range of services to support economic growth. Business can benefit from our expertise through:

  • learning partnerships
  • student placements and industry-focused projects
  • academia-industry networking opportunities
  • developmental and capacity-building workshops
  • knowledge exchange initiatives
  • sustainability reporting
  • research collaborations

Our students also benefit from our business links, through:

  • placement year options on undergraduate courses
  • exposure to real-world examples of business practice
  • support for the development of entrepreneurial skills
  • talent development programme

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Research and impact

Our vision is to enable world-leading research and generate theoretical and practical knowledge that is recognised by academic and business communities globally.

We are determined to achieve our core aim of changing academia and society for the better.
Our traditional research excellence is in quantitative analytics. Increasingly, it also includes areas such as financial technology and econometrics, innovation, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and data-driven marketing.

In line with the University's focus on 'theory fit for practice', we excel in both entrepreneurial theory and its practical applications. In recent years, we've also gained strength in meta-research, particularly in the social and behavioural sciences.

We also carry out impactful interdisciplinary work in the area of sustainability. We work with whole sectors to provide sustainable solutions to their problems, and to support and promote global sustainability reporting.
Areas of recent substantial research growth include the future of work and career management.

Our courses are accredited by the following organisations:

Commitment to the UK Athena Swan Principles

In committing to the principles of the Athena Swan Charter, we have joined a global community with a shared goal of addressing gender inequalities and embedding inclusive cultures.

 In joining this community, we have committed to:

  • adopting robust, transparent and accountable processes for gender equality work, including:

    a) embedding diversity, equity and inclusion in their culture, decision-making and partnerships, and holding themselves and others in the department accountable

    b) undertaking evidence-based, transparent self-assessment processes to direct their priorities and interventions for gender equality, and evaluating their progress to inform their continuous development

    c) ensuring that gender equality work is distributed appropriately, is recognised and properly rewarded.

  • addressing structural inequalities and social injustices that manifest as differential experiences and outcomes for staff and students
  • tackling behaviours and cultures that detract from the safety and collegiality of their work and study environments, including not tolerating gender-based violence, discrimination, bullying, harassment or exploitation
  • understanding and addressing intersectional inequalities 
  • recognising that individuals can determine their own gender identity, and tackling the specific issues faced by trans and non-binary people
  • examining gendered occupational segregation, and elevating the status, voice and career opportunities of any identified under-valued and at-risk groups
  • mitigating the gendered impact of caring responsibilities and career breaks, and supporting flexibility and the maintenance of a healthy ‘whole life balance’
  • mitigating the gendered impact of short-term and casual contracts for staff seeking sustainable careers.

We have a strong focus on sustainability across all subject disciplines and our reputation is global. Our rankings include:

Our departments

Get to know our departments, from accounting to strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn about our people and the courses each department runs, from undergraduate degrees to master's and PhDs. Explore research activities, business services, job opportunities and more.

Research and business services

Learn more about our research and enterprise activities, including services we offer to help improve existing businesses.

Our research community

Research groups bring together specialists to share knowledge and solve problems.


Work with us

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