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The University of Southampton
ArchaeologyPart of Humanities

Study a master’s in Archaeology

You could help us uncover the truth about human Neanderthal cousins, explore the oldest shipwreck ever found, and make great strides in understanding the depth and breadth of the human story.

Master’s degrees at Southampton

MA/MSc Maritime Archaeology
MA Cultural Heritage Studies
MSc Archaeology
MSc Archaeology (Bioarchaeology)
MSc Archaeology (Higher Archaeological Practice)
MSc Archaeology (Palaeoanthropology)
MSc Business and Heritage Management

How to apply

As an Archaeology student, you’ll:

Where you’ll study

Avenue Campus

Located in trees and parkland between the city centre and Highfield Campus, this is where most of our humanities courses are taught.

Our research

Combing the ocean depths

In 2016 an international team, including the University of Southampton’s Centre for Maritime Archaeology, launched an expedition mapping submerged ancient landscapes in the Black Sea. The team discovered and inspected a rare and remarkable ‘collection’ of more than 40 shipwrecks, many of which provide the first views of ship types known from historical sources, but never seen before.

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