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Archaeology at Southampton is broad, diverse and multidisciplinary, with strong links to other subject areas, including geography, oceanography, arts and the humanities.

One of the masters courses that we offer at Southampton
Maritime archaelogical conservation


Our interests are wide-ranging, including human evolution, maritime archaeology, human skeletal analysis, zooarchaeology, material culture, archaeological survey and heritage management. We embrace prehistoric to modern periods, and encompass a geographic range that includes Britain, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, the Pacific and the Americas.

The breadth of masters programmes offered reflects our subject, period, methodological and thematic expertise. In the academic year 2017/18 we will offer:

MSc Archaeology with Specialist Pathways in Bioarchaeology, Palaeoanthropology and Higher Archaeological Practice leading to an MSc Archaeology (Bioarchaeology), MSc Archaeology (Palaeoanthropology) or MSc Archaeology (Higher Archaeological Practice).

MSc Maritime Archaeology, MA Maritime Archaeology and MSc Business and Heritage.

In addition to the above we offer an Integrated Masters programme. This is a four year degree that takes students from first year undergraduate studies through to a Masters level MArc or MSci qualification.

Each of the above programmes functions as a discrete course, but students commonly draw on additional specialist modules from other masters courses in order to build a bespoke skill set.

MA/MSc Maritime Archaeology
MA Cultural Heritage Studies
MSc Archaeology
MSc Archaeology (Bioarchaeology)
MSc Archaeology (Higher Archaeological Practice)
MSc Archaeology (Palaeoanthropology)
MSc Business and Heritage Management

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