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The University of Southampton
ChemistryUndergraduate study

Your Personal Tutor

From Day 1 of your time in Southampton you will have your own personal tutor to guide you through the next three of four years of your life. They are there to provide support as it is required and will be a member of staff who will (probably) be involved in teaching you at some point throughout your time in Southampton.

Where possible we try and bring together tutors and tutees who have some shared interests - perhaps in terms of sport or hobbies.

It is entirely up to you how much contact you retain with your personal tutor but it is always sensible to introduce yourself and to keep in touch from time to time. Not only are they a source of advice but they will also represent you at meetings to discuss examination results and so on. If there is anything that is affecting your work or life at University (either in a positive or negative fashion) make sure that your tutor is aware of it so that they can offer guidance that might resolve your difficulties in the present rather than storing up problems for the future.

Your personal tutor will help you formulate a personal development plan (PDP) in which you will identify your strengths and weaknesses and plan how to develop in the necessary areas. The self evaluation encouraged in forming a PDP is one of the many skills we work on with you in the area of employability.

Each year group as a whole is looked after by a Year tutor who will ensure that you academic needs are met and also check that you are fulfilling the requirements that the course makes of you.

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