Astrophysics with Year Abroad (MPhys)

Master of Physics
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4 years
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About this course

This specialist astrophysics course offers an unrivalled opportunity to study astrophysics with a year abroad. You'll spend your fourth year on a research project at the prestigious Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) in Boston, USA. We are the only UK university that partners with Harvard in this way.

This flagship course is offered to the best University of Southampton astrophysics students studying our MPhys Physics with Astronomy degree at the end of year 2.

Another feature is a 2-week field trip to Tenerife where you’ll take part in a space mission design project.

You’ll also spend a week at an observatory learning to use high-spec telescopes.

As part of your astrophysics degree, you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of:

  • the make-up, dynamics and environment of galaxies
  • the life cycle of stars
  • how radiation is produced and detected in a cosmic setting
  • the space environment and space weather
  • concepts of modern cosmology, including the nature of dark matter

You’ll also learn the science behind powerful phenomena such as white dwarfs, black holes and neutron stars, the evolution of the universe, the formation of galaxies and space weather.

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Course location

This course is based at Highfield.

Awarding body

This qualification is awarded by the University of Southampton.

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