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Recent PhD Theses

This is a list of Film PhD thesis supervised at Southampton, all of which are available via our University library. Many have since been published as books.

Name Title Year
Beth Carroll (Film) The Representation of Space in Musical Mumbers 2015

Peri Bradley (Film)

Altered states: the transforming body in contemporary film and TV 2013
Christopher Penfold (Film) Elizaveta Svilova and Soviet documentary film 2013
Daniel O'Brien (Film) Heroic masculinities : Evolution and Hybridisation in the Peplum Genre 2012 
Sherry Xiaorui Xu (Film) Hong Kong Cinema 1997-2007 2012 
Claudia Sandberg (Film) The Films of Peter Lilienthal: Homeless by Choice 2012
Cecile Renaud (Film) Selling French Films to British Audiences: 2001-2009 2012
Matthew Nicholls (Film) Interactions Between Contemporary American Independent Cinema and Popular Music Culture 2012
Amanda Field (Film) Through the World Explode: Generic and Temporal Tensions in Sherlock Holmes on Screen 1939-1946 2009
Mark Aldridge (Film) British Television 1925-1936: Attitudes and Expectations 2009
Ingrid Stigsdotter (Film) British Audiences and Approaches to European Cinema: Four case studies of responses to French and Swedish Film in the UK today 2008
Katia Maciel (Film) Film, Popular Music and Television: Intertextuality in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema 2008
Christian Cargnelli (Film) Osterreichische Filmschaffende im britischen Exil ab 1933 2008
Kelly Robinson (Film) British International Pictures and the Influence of German Cinematographers (1927-1936) 2008
Judith Petersen (Film/History) The Holocaust on British Television: Shaping Collective Memory since 1945 2007
Francoise Schiltz (Film) The Future Re-visited: 1950s American Film Adaptations of Jules Verne Novels 2007
Anthony Todd (Film) Auteurism and the Reception of David Lynch: Reading the author in post-classical American art cinema 2005
Karen Randell (English/Film) Hysterical Hollywood: War Trauma in Film after the First World War and the Vietnam War 2005
Claire Hines (Film) ‘Shaken not Stirred': James Bond Playboy and Changing Gender Roles in the 1960s 2005
James Jordan (English/History) Bearing Witness to the Holocaust in the Courtroom of American Fictive Film 2004
Niamh Doheny (English/Film) No Longer 'On the Outside Looking In': Oscar Micheaux's Role in the Construction of Black American Film Form 2004
Claudia Fellmer (Film/Modern Languages) Stars in East German Cinema 2003
Jacqueline Furby (English) Travelling Light: The Cinema as Time Machine 2003 
Susan Holmes (Film) The World of Cinema in your Home: The Film Programme on British Television 1952-1962 2002
Petra Newman (History) The Laugh of Merlin in Representations of the Holocaust: Fiction, Film and Television 2002
Christine Cornea (English) Performing Cyborgs 2001
Helen Hanson (English) Painted Women: Framing Portraits in Film Noir and the Gothic Woman's Film of the 1940s 2001
Mark Aldridge
Mark Aldridge
Anthony Todd
Anthony Todd
Francoise Schiltz
Francoise Schiltz
Amanda Field
Amanda Field
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