Film, TV and Digital Media (BA)

Bachelor of Arts
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3 years
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About this course

Today’s media are rapidly changing the ways we live, work, and socialise. A degree in Film, TV, and Digital Media will help you understand the impact of these changes locally and globally.

You’ll learn about:

  • film, TV, and Digital Media across different social, historical, and cultural contexts, and from significant theoretical perspectives
  • how the media works, its impacts on society, and the issues that shape public debates and concerns about the media
  • how digital platforms have transformed the way we produce and consume film, TV, and other media; and
  • the changing nature of professional practice in the screen industries and the impact of digital media on the broader world of work

In addition, you will be supported to:

  • identify and explore key issues in digital and social media and their relationship to debates about other emerging technologies such as AI
  • develop practical skills through creative tasks such as video essays and data visualisations; and
  • cultivate transferrable teamwork, communication, and critical thinking capabilities

Authentic learning experiences, such as industry projects and assessment items, complement the theoretical course content and give you valuable opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills, and to tailor your degree to your interests.

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Course location

This course is based at Avenue.

Awarding body

This qualification is awarded by the University of Southampton.

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