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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental SciencePostgraduate study


Our world-class buildings such as the award-winning EEE building, interdisciplinary Mountbatten complex and the Life Sciences building have contributed to the University of Southampton’s status as one of the best learning environments in the UK. These facilities are a result of an investment of £200 million.

Key facts

The University provides a wealth of social, arts and leisure facilities for students.

Off campus, you will find all the transport, shopping and leisure facilities you would expect from a multicultural city with a population of over 200,000 people.

Wireless and networked high-speed internet access is widely available across all campuses and in all five libraries.

We provide outstanding research facilities and services for researching and teaching in Geography and Environmental Science, and the wider University.

Our various laboratories and other facilities are the backbone of our rigorous research in Environmental Processes and Modelling, Palaeoecology, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing.


Peter Morgan
Laboratory Manager Room 1017. Primary contact for enquiries for the laboratories and equipment.
 Darius Beben

Electronics Technician, Room 1009

Liam Riddy

Environmental Sensing Facility Specialist, Room 1009

David Sutherland

Environmental Processes Technician, Room 1009



"Working in the laboratory enabled me to develop my own research interests and gain the vital experience I needed for further postgraduate study / pursuing a career in research and academia."

Charlotte Clarke (3rd year Undergraduate student)

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Laboratory Equipment

Find out more about lab equipment

Environmental Sensing Facility

Find out more about environmental sensing facility

Find out more about Environmental Sensing@Southampton

Field Equipment

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Cartographic Services

Cartographic services offer specialist technical support to staff and post graduate research students. We create maps, diagrams and illustrations to enhance academic research publications, teaching materials and displays.

We are always happy to help with innovative solutions to complex mapping and illustration projects, or to advise on cartographic and university branding design issues.

Please contact:

Mark Dover
Lyn Ertl
Geography field trip
Geography field trip
Measuring volcanic materials
Measuring volcanic materials
Environmental Sensing Facility equipment
Environmental Sensing Facility equipment
Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment
Order University Campus maps
Order University Campus maps
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