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The University of Southampton

What our students think

Photo of Gabriela Adela

The life of a research PhD student is very independent, you have to be organised and disciplined since, ultimately, it is yourself who dictates the pace of the investigation.

Gabriela Adela - PhD Applied Linguistics (Computer Assisted Languages Learning)
Photo of Mark Aldridge

The support offered by the university stood me in good stead for my career following my studies. Since leaving I have delivered papers at several international conferences and published two books.

Mark Aldridge - BA Film and English, MA and PhD Film Studies
Photo of Bradley  Barnes

I have loved absolutely every minute of my degree programme. Not only has the programme allowed me to pursue a passion, it has also nurtured my own personal development, both as a ‘historian’ and as an individual.

Bradley Barnes - BA History, MRes History
Photo of Gareth Beale

The University of Southampton is well known for archaeology and it was an exciting prospect to be working in a world-class research environment involved in so many fantastic projects.

Gareth Beale - PhD Archaeology
Photo of Jenny Bunker

The postgraduate community is small but lively, with a vigorous fortnightly MPhil/PhD research group which provides an opportunity to present work-in-progress to a critical but encouraging audience.

Jenny Bunker - MA Aesthetics
Photo of Sam Cave

I chose this University due to the flexibility of the course - which allows for great specialisation within your subject - and the teaching staff. I have chosen to focus on classical guitar performance and composition, and because of this I have opportunities to perform regularly and have pieces played by fellow students.

Sam Cave - BA Music
Photo of Ian Clark

All the staff are really helpful and friendly, and are experts in their fields. Modern Languages and Linguistics focuses on seminar teaching where your input is welcomed and encouraged.

Ian Clark - BA French and German (Linguistic and Language Studies)
Photo of Catriona Cooper

Having completed my undergraduate and MSc degrees here I enjoyed working in Archaeology and it had access to all the resources I would need for a MPhil.

Catriona Cooper - MPhil Archaeology
Photo of Alex Cunningham

The most enjoyable part of my degree is the opportunity to undertake original research with a group of people who are equally as passionate about the subject.

Alex Cunningham - MA Jewish History and Culture
Photo of Doris Dippold

Linguistics is extremely interesting and a wide subject, offering a wide array of areas to explore. A thoroughly worthwhile endeavour, and one that, if you also use all the opportunities open to you to develop your transferable skills, offers good chances to find employment both within and outside of academia.

Doris Dippold - MPhil/PhD Applied Linguistics
Photo of Melissa Donne

Film is particularly well represented, with the University boasting a cinema that shows a number of blockbuster films as well as independent and world cinema. There are also excellent off-campus facilities for film - a thriving independent cinema that also hosts special events and two multiplexes, so Southampton is certainly a good choice if film is your passion.

Melissa Donne - BA Film and Philosophy, MA Film Studies
Photo of Ella Dove

The staff are extremely approachable, always willing to give up their time and organise extra one-to-one sessions with us if we need help. I think Southampton is unique in terms of student-staff rapport, I have not encountered another university with such a level of friendliness and support.

Ella Dove - BA English and French
Photo of Lucy Elkerton

I love the chance to shape my own learning.

Lucy Elkerton - MA Archaeology
Photo of John Ellis

I’m having to learn to express my research in a way which satisfies the demanding academic standards. But my supervisor is very supportive and I’m enjoying getting to grips with the subject. I would encourage anyone to consider taking a PhD in a subject that really interests them. It’s incredibly stimulating and very rewarding.

John Ellis - PhD History
Photo of Karen Fielder

When the PhD is over, I’m hoping to use the skills I’ve learned through work and study in an area such as heritage consultancy.

Karen Fielder - PhD History
Photo of Angelica Finnegan

I’m glad I chose Southampton and can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

Angelica Finnegan - BA Philosophy and Politics
Photo of Lauren Fraser

I recently completed a six week internship at Gulf News in Dubai which I enjoyed thoroughly. I conducted interviews, attended press releases and wrote a load of articles which were published in the paper. This was great experience for me and a fabulous opportunity. Getting my name in print exceeded any expectation I had for the internship, and my University of Southampton place certainly helped secure the internship!

Lauren Fraser - BA English
Photo of Alex Fryer

The lecturers at Southampton are second to none; I have an amazing instrumental teacher and lots of performance opportunities, both within and outside the course. The campus and facilities are fantastic.

Alex Fryer - BA Music
Photo of Francesca Gerard

For me there are three factors which have contributed to a successful and enjoyable first year at university. These are the flexibility of the course, the great staff and the variety within the degree program.

Francesca Gerard - BA French with ab initio Spanish
Photo of Alice Greenfield

Humanities subjects are fascinating because they are so varied, and this variation means that you develop such a wide range of skills, which make you particularly desirable in the working world.

Alice Greenfield - BA German Linguistics
Photo of Denise Greenfield

As a postgraduate student, I enjoy having a bit more flexibility in how I study, and I especially enjoy the independence I’m given to explore different avenues in my research.

Denise Greenfield - PhD English
Photo of Daniel Greenway

The film course at Southampton provides the essential tools for anyone who wants to work in film.

Daniel Greenway - BA Film and French
Photo of Alexandra Heaton

When I first arrived, I had no idea what to expect. I was so happy to find myself in small seminar groups with very friendly teachers.

Alexandra Heaton - BA Film and French
Photo of Ellena Heywood

The academic staff are more like friends to us now. They have always been easily approachable and willing to help out. In particular, staff in French are so enthusiastic that lessons are never boring or uneventful!

Ellena Heywood - BA Contemporary Europe with French and Spanish
Photo of George Holloway

The best part of the degree is the supervisions, as well as the interaction and idea-sharing with other students and staff.

George Holloway - PhD Music
Photo of Nick Johnson

For me Humanities is both intensely absorbing and rewarding.

Nick Johnson - BA Philosophy
Photo of Hannah Jones

So far I have enjoyed everything about the last four months. From the subjects I study to my accommodation.

Hannah Jones - BA French and Spanish
Photo of Emma Kelleher

Southampton has offered me diversity in my studies and in my involvement in societies.

Emma Kelleher - BA History
Photo of Monika Komar

My degree programme has opened plenty of fantastic opportunities I never thought of before. Gaining linguistics abilities, a trip to Mexico, taking up Italian, writing for the students' magazine, meeting amazing people from varied backgrounds... I even tried ballet! It's been a priceless experience.

Monika Komar - BA Modern Languages
Photo of Dom Kullander

Throughout the course my participation in extra-curricular societies has swayed my ambitions to television, which is strengthened by my work in film.

Dom Kullander - BA Film Studies
Photo of Amel Lamarah

I think what I enjoyed the most in Southampton University was the diverse student body. Whatever your background, you will find like-minded people in Southampton.

Amel Lamarah - BA Politics, Spanish and Latin American Studies
Photo of Joseph Lee

I instantly became fond of Southampton because of the combination of professionalism and friendliness in the staff.

Joseph Lee - BA Archaeology and History
Photo of Chu-Ying Liu

The UK offered me a great experience with its outstanding history and solid academic development. Southampton is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. It is a perfect place for people who are looking for an academic career.

Chu-Ying Liu - PhD Film Studies
Photo of Robert McWhirter

I’m never tied down to doing something that doesn’t interest me and there’s a real focus of coming up with your own argument on a topic. If a topic fascinates you, you can go away, focus on a part of it, research it further and then start coming up with your own ideas. I love having this kind of freedom

Robert McWhirter - BA English
Photo of Jenny Mejia-Cevallos

Throughout my two years here I have found myself studying Spanish, Iranian and British history which has expanded my knowledge and awareness of current affairs. I think that it’s really rewarding when you feel as though you have a grasp on a whole period of history, that you can link to the present.

Jenny Mejia-Cevallos - BA History
Photo of Natasha Merritt

Now, three years after graduating, I have just secured my first job as a music therapist having completed a Masters in Music Therapy training course.

Natasha Merritt - BA Music
Photo of Kelsey Miller

I love that I have the opportunity to debate philosophical issues with people who share my belief in their importance to the world.

Kelsey Miller - MA Philosophy
Photo of Julia Morgan

I loved the way the campus was so close to the city - so it's really easy to get to the town and the train station - but the campus is still detached. It was also one of the few universities I visited, and I really liked it!

Julia Morgan - BA Archaeology and History
Photo of Siobhan O'Reilly

I love the campus buzz. Even if my lecture is off in a corner I try and go via the main concourse by the Students Union because there’s always something weird and wonderful going on there.

Siobhan O'Reilly - BA English
Photo of Paul Ovenden

... it has lived up to my hopes, with excellent, informed teaching, lively discussion and the very best resources with which to work. Indeed, I have enjoyed it so much that I would love to go back and take two or three more subjects!

Paul Ovenden - BA English and History
Photo of Jeremy Page

I enjoy the freedom I have to map out my own path in Philosophy, I also benefit from the broad base of expertise possessed by the staff from which I am able to draw on whichever path I choose

Jeremy Page - BA Philosophy, MA Philosophy (part-time)
Photo of Alican Pamir

I think, the best research in the area of film studies is in the UK and the best academic centre among them all is at the University of Southampton. The decisive factor for me was that my area of interest was also shared by authoritative figures of the field making up the department’s academic staff.

Alican Pamir - PhD Film Studies
Photo of Leena Rana

Music has some fantastic lecturers, making learning fun! You study a huge range of different types of music: jazz, pop, ethnomusicology, ‘classical’, also music technology, composition and performance. Turner Sims is also an excellent venue to perform in.

Leena Rana - BA Music
Photo of Alma Rodriguez-Tsuda

I’m definitely enjoying the work and appreciate all the support I get from the staff here, it’s very motivating.

Alma Rodriguez-Tsuda - PhD Linguistics
Photo of Alex Rogers

A degree in history gives you an impressive set of skills, which you can apply in any area. After graduating, I hope to work in investment banking... to this end, I have just spent the summer working as an intern in the investment management department of a private bank in London.

Alex Rogers - BA History
Photo of Claudia Sandberg

Knowing about the university systems both in the US and in Germany, I find studying in the UK more demanding and more rewarding. I have enjoyed tremendous support and advice by my supervisor, advisor and other members of staff, which I think I would not have received elsewhere. This has helped me grow as a person and as a researcher.

Claudia Sandberg - PhD Film Studies
Photo of Zubair Shafiq Jatoi

I chose the University of Southampton because it is a world class university and secondly it is ranked as number one in film studies in UK.

Zubair Shafiq Jatoi - PhD Film Studies
Photo of Beth Stephens

Through the University's Careers and Employability Service, I recently managed to secure an internship at a literary agency.

Beth Stephens - BA English
Photo of Ingrid Stigsdotter

I chose to study for a PhD at Southampton because of the expertise offered in areas relevant to my topic of research, which involves exploring cultural and linguistic differences in the reception of contemporary European cinema.

Ingrid Stigsdotter - PhD Film Studies
Photo of Rachel Stockey

No one can tell you which university is right for you, but if you want a course with flexibility and variety, if you want to be located on a beautiful campus with an active students' union and you want to feel part of a really inclusive and exciting community then look no further than Southampton

Rachel Stockey - BA English
Photo of Beth Thomas

After just nine months at Southampton it already feels like home, and I feel very grateful that I have found friends who I can really identify with and can imagine staying in contact with for a very long time.

Beth Thomas - BA French and German
Photo of Sheila Thomas

My specific area of research also means that I have close contacts with other disciplines within the University.

Sheila Thomas - MRes History
Photo of Lisa Thompson

The course looked amazing, and there are loads of great options to choose from in your second and third year so you can do things you really enjoy. It's interesting, challenging and lots of fun, and I've really enjoyed it!

Lisa Thompson - BA Film and English
Photo of David Tully

I love my degree programme! The thing I like most about it is the range of different texts which I get to read – no two modules so far have been the same and it’s not always material that I would have read for myself which makes it very interesting.

David Tully - BA English and French
Photo of Michelle Turner

Studying at Southampton has been really enjoyable, challenging and thought provoking. The lecturers are friendly and helpful, going far beyond their duties to ensure relatively problem-free study.

Michelle Turner - BA German and Spanish
Photo of Dan Varndell

This is the best place for me, working alongside inspirational staff. I’m not saying I’ll never leave, but another university would have to be pretty special to beat Southampton.

Dan Varndell - PhD Film and English
Photo of Alexandra Walker

It’s great to be part of such a vibrant community of researchers with a real passion for archaeology.

Alexandra Walker - BA Archaeology, MA Archaeology, PhD Archaeology
Photo of Ruth Walker

I love that we get to take a year out, and I am lucky enough to be doing a paid internship in Paris next year! The teaching is brilliant too, and tutors are always on hand and supportive and give a lot of time to you.

Ruth Walker - BA French (Linguistic Studies)
Photo of Thomas Wallace

The English department are really friendly, helpful and passionate about their fields of interest. As a course rep last year I was a part of board of school meetings where it became clear how focused the staff are in constantly improving English and tackling problems that arise. You always feel that there is someone you can talk to if you have any questions, and tutors are always prompt in replying to emails!

Thomas Wallace - BA English, MA Creative Writing
Photo of Mike Witcombe

If you want to work in a small but diverse faculty alongside people conducting innovative research, there are few places that can rival Southampton.

Mike Witcombe - PhD Modern Languages
Photo of Xia Yu

Southampton is very highly regarded and respected for modern languages and the staff are among the best.

Xia Yu - PhD Modern Languages
Photo of Natalia Zdulska

My course is very interesting and challenging. All the lecturers are very helpful and friendly.

Natalia Zdulska - BA French and Politics
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