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Jeremy Page BA Philosophy, MA Philosophy (part-time)

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Hi, I'm Jeremy Page and I studied BA Philosophy, MA Philosophy (part-time) within Humanities at the University of Southampton.

I enjoy the freedom I have to map out my own path in Philosophy, I also benefit from the broad base of expertise possessed by the staff from which I am able to draw on whichever path I choose

Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

I was born and grew up in Bransgore, a small village on the South Coast near Christchurch and Bournemouth.

How did you get interested in Philosophy?

My interest in Philosophy began when discussing medical ethics in a Religious Studies lesson in secondary school. Thinking about what the best answers were to the questions surrounding issues like abortion, euthanasia and so on, prompted me to question the values I had inherited whilst growing up.

Why did you choose to study at Southampton?

Southampton has a brilliant reputation in the field of value so it was an obvious choice in many ways. It also has experts on Wittgenstein and Nietzsche, two thinkers who I have always been interested in.

Tell us more about the areas of Philosophy that you are now specialising in …

I am interested in the work of Nietzsche. More specifically what practical use we can make of the philosophy from a writer who holds such radical views and has such a novel way of expressing them. I intend to explore this topic by applying Nietzsche’s work to the fledgling field of humour theory. I believe coming to Nietzsche’s work from such a novel perspective will allow me to show something important about his philosophical style whilst also revealing that a plausible theory of the importance of humour can be excavated from Nietzsche’s work.

Are you enjoying your studies? What do you like most about your degree programme?

I am very happy with the progress I am making in my study. I enjoy the freedom I have to map out my own path in Philosophy, I also benefit from the broad base of expertise possessed by the staff from which I am able to draw on whichever path I choose.

Do you get on well with the academic staff?

The staff are friendly and always willing to help – it would be difficult not to get on with them.

What’s the best thing about living and studying in Southampton?

Southampton is a great base from which to study. Whilst being a sizable city with plenty to keep you entertained, the university campus is relatively peaceful and situated in greenery – perfect for relaxing, reading and studying.

How were the first few weeks at Uni? Was it easy to settle into your studies, make friends etc?

Making friends is not a problem when on a Humanities course because of the amiable, open-minded and interesting people you will spend your days with. PhilSoc also helped break-the-ice by planning socials for ‘Freshers’.

What are you planning to do after graduating?

I am hoping to continue studying if I’m able to afford it. Ultimately I see myself teaching in colleges or universities.

Do you have any advice for people considering studying Philosophy at Southampton?

If Philosophy is the subject you love then choose it, don’t worry about not choosing something directly vocational as Philosophy is a respected subject and to have the chance to study it for 3 years is a privilege. Southampton is a relaxing setting in which to study, what is more the PhilSoc team will enhance your experience with the academic and social events they put on.

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