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Mathematical Sciences

Betul Ozcan BSc MORSE

Revenue Management Consultant, British Airways

Betul Ozcan's Photo

British Airways came to Southampton to promote their Operational Research Scheme. That shows how useful my degree has been in directly securing my role.


What have you enjoyed about studying BSc MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics)?

The range of subjects is insane, and because of the breadth of the course, there is a lot that you can try. I had no clue what operational research was before I came to Southampton, but I thought the degree sounded cool and complicated, so I came. But that’s my thing: it’s hard mathematics and that’s what I am going into in the future. That just shows that if I hadn’t come and studied MORSE as opposed going straight into Maths, I wouldn’t have discovered that.

What made you choose Southampton?

I wanted do study MORSE, and there is about only three or four universities in the UK that offer it including Southampton.  I came to the Open Day, which was very nice and friend and I really liked it. It’s fairly close to London, which I thought it would be good for opportunity in the future as well

How did you find the support that you’ve had in your studies? In terms of academic support and facilities that you have been able to access?

I think the maths student centre is the best facility that has been added for maths students. It feels like our own library but without the books, so it’s really useful. All the facilities, whenever I needed help, I’ve been able to get it including the career service and tutors.

Which modules of your course did you particularly enjoy?

Introduction to Operational Research (OR) is a good starting point, and after that, moving on to Mathematical Programming in my final year, Simulation and Cues - ones where it’s really applied as opposed to just learning theorems and proofs.  And Financial Mathematics - I did really enjoyed that because it was all computational.

Were you involved with any clubs and societies?

Yes, I was quite active on campus: Photographic Society as well as Acroyoga, which is a combination of acrobatics and yoga - really good fun! I was on the Actuarial Society for a year on the committee, which was good fun and I got to see the running of things, which was good. I was on the committee for the Islamic Society in my final year, and also did kickboxing for a while.

So you're now working at British Airways?

Yes, I got several offers but chose British Airways, I applied for their Operational Research Consultant Graduate Scheme. Unfortunately, I got ranked on that rather than accepted straight away, I got ranked seventh or eighth out of 400 applicants. It’s definitely a company that I really liked and look up. They actually came to Southampton and did a few Open Days with their Operational Research Scheme and that was just so inspiring that you can use OR in real life to terms. That shows how useful my degree has been, in directly securing my role.

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