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Mathematical Physics (MMath)

Master of Mathematics
Length of course
4 years, starts September 2020
Course type
UCAS course code

About this course

Mathematics is the fundamental language of physics. Physics uses maths to make predictions, and many mathematical areas have been developed to solve physical problems. This degree explores mathematical topics and how they appear throughout theoretical physics. You'll study particle physics, astrophysics and quantum field theory. You’ll graduate with technical skills sought by employers across science, industry and research.

This course is run by the School of Mathematical Sciences. It's taught jointly by Mathematical Sciences and Physics and Astronomy, through the STAG (Southampton, Theory, Astronomy and Gravitation) research centre. STAG is a leader in the latest research in theoretical particle physics, astronomy, general relativity and string theory.

The mathematical part of this course begins with the fundamental areas of calculus, linear algebra, vector calculus and partial differential equations.

The physics part includes the key ideas of relativity, cosmology and astrophysics, applications of laser technology, atomic and particle physics, and optoelectronics.

As part of this course you’ll:

  • identify the key areas of physics theory relevant to a given problem

  • construct mathematical models for physical situations

  • choose to specialise in areas such as particle physics, astrophysics or condensed matter

  • use our student centre, a dedicated learning and social space for maths students

  • use mathematical and computational packages such as Python and the statistics package 'R'

You can download the course details, including modules, in the programme specificationPDF opens in a new window (PDF, 231.62 KB).

Location and awarding body

The course location is Highfield campus in Southampton. The awarding body is University of Southampton.

Transfer between courses

It's possible to transfer to this degree from a number of mathematics courses in the first year. This includes BSc Mathematics and BSc Mathematics with Statistics, as long as you pass all the modules in the first year.

Transfer from this degree to BSc Mathematics is normally possible until the end of the third year. The same is valid for BSc Mathematics with Statistics if you chose the statistics pathway.