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Selection days form part of the application process and take place between January and March each year.

Selection days for BM4, BM5 and BM6 will take place between January and March 2021.

Due to the nature of the interviews you will not be able to choose your selection date.

Invitations to each selection day will be sent out 1-2 weeks before that selection day. If a space on a selection day becomes available through cancellation, individual applicants maybe receive an invitation with a shorter notice period.

Please note due to the high volume of applications we are unable to inform unsuccessful applicants that they will not be invited prior to the selection dates.

Medicine BM4 27/01/2021
Medicine BM4 28/01/2021
Medicine BM5 Graduates, Mature Non- Graduates & School Leavers 29/01/2021
Medicine BM5 School Leavers 03/02/2021
Medicine BM5 School Leavers 04/02/2021
Medicine BM5 Overseas & School Leavers 10/02/2021
Medicine BM5 School Leavers 11/02/2021
Medicine BM5 School Leavers 17/02/2021
Medicine BM5 Overseas & School Leavers 18/02/2021
Medicine BM5 School Leavers 24/02/2021
Medicine BM6 25/02/2021
Medicine BM6 26/02/2021

Personal statements are used at the Selection day. During a selection day you must show how you meet our non-academic criteria by demonstrating that you:

The selection day process usually includes an interview and group task. If you're invited to attend we'll email you full event details 2 weeks beforehand. For 2021 entry, the selection day will be held online.


All interview decisions will be sent out during March. All applicants will hear from us by the end of March.

Question and Answer sessions

This year there will be a post-interview Q&A session with current students. Only once you have attended your interview will you be emailed information about these events.

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