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Doctor Sarah Brien

Dr Sarah Brien

Principal Enterprise Fellow

Research interests

  • Managing long term conditions
  • Complementary Medicine

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Sarah is a Principal Qualitative research advisor for NIHR Research Design Service South Central and the site lead the RDS Portsmouth.  She is also a member of the NIHR predoctoral fellowship selection committee (qualitative and mixed methods).

Her research interests have mainly focussed on how people manage living with long term conditions. She is currently the qualitative co-applicant on an NIHR RfPB funded feasibility trial of serial prophylactic blood transfusion versus usual care, in pregnant women with sickle cell disease. Previously, she  conducted a range of studies as lead investigator, including exploratory clinical trials as well as embedded and stand-alone qualitative studies with funding from NIHR (including an NIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship), Wellcome Trust and commercial funding.